March 22, 2004

Keepin' it short...

I really shouldn't be here...

Wow, that sounds like my whole week. I shouldn't eat these Girl Scout Cookies, I should some yoga this morning, I shouldn't stay up so late, I should eat a salad....the list could go on.

So, I will say for now, that the wedding was enjoyable. Non-pretentious, and very appropriate for the couple...the couple who are very appropriate for each other. I think that's what made it fun. But, I shall save the details for latah.

For now, I would love to talk about my bargain-shopping adventure. I promised my mother I would accompany her on a Red-hat excursion. Never mind that I am too young to wear a red hat, and instead wore my super funky fuschia hat...we decided to do some thrifting before hand. We stopped at this great shop called Second Hand Rose. The items there are donated, and the proceeds go to a women's shelter. We didn't have much time...the store was about to close. There was a sign on the door proclaiming "Orange ticket items: 4 for a $1!" Knowing time was of the essence, I sprung into action, first hitting the section of jeans and slacks. I scanned the racks looking first for appropriate color and texture. Then, my eye went to the size. As I was about to give up, a dark pair of Express jeans in a 5/6 leapt into my hands, they looked new, no weird fading or dirt. I wasn't sure that they would work, and planned to try them on. I continued, first through dresses, then to tops. I lovely sheer cotton blouse with delicate tulle detailing leapt out next. It looked as though it could have been at least $50 new, judging the quality of fabric and workmanship. For $2, it would be mine. Then, a red faux-suede blouse jumped out at me...marked $2, the tag was orange. I was informed by my mother, the seasoned thrifter, that you needed four to get the deal. I was off in hunt for more orange tags. At that ppoint, I only cared about the orange tag, not about the item. I succeeded in finding three cute items, a red ribbed turtleneck sweater, an orange fleece pullover (nice fleece, too...not cheap stuff) and an orange tunic top...all with the appropriate tags. Score! Then the lights went out. It was time to go. I had no time to try on the jeans. I checked the tag, which said "$2." I decided I could risk it. My mom and I carried our selections to the front. Our total was eight-something. We left with two bags of clothes. We had enough time to hit one more shop. The selection at Sunshine was hit or miss, but we stopped in. I finally found a cute Limited top in black and white, with some cute detailing. We had three tops, and our total was $9. Hmmm...not quite the bargains.

When we finally got home, I tried everything all fit, and looked good. Me, who has a bitch of a time finding pants, found a pair that fits as though it was made for me. YAY!! And, I found out that the senior discount is 50% (which my mom qualifies for). I wound up with five shirts and a pair of jeans for $3. This balanced out paying $3 for just the tank top at Sunshine.

Anyway, I am proud of my bargain-hunting prowess. I am also trying not to actually live in my new jeans...they are super comfy. I can't imagine why anyone would give them up in the first place. I should wash them...along with everything else dirtied on the trip...and the sheets. Must. Have. Clean. Sheets.

Posted by raven at March 22, 2004 07:43 PM
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