April 04, 2004

It's how late?!?!

Last night was spent celebrating G's birthday. It was pretty fun. We started off the night at HRC. I have to say that there was some good mocking to be had at ye olde Harde Rocke. It started with the girls who confused two days of sunshine with the middle of July, and were wearing obviously summer clothes. Brrr. Then we saw the brunet version of Tony Little...except that this guy had man breasts going on. They were shown off nicely in his salmon colored, shimmery, skin-tight shirt. He certainly had a look. There was a part of me that wanted to go up to him, coyly stroke his biceps, and purr, " Do you work out?" The other part of me thought his stripey turtlenecked companion might not have taken it so kindly. But he had neither biceps or man breasts, so I don't really think it would have been a problem.

I splurged on the HRC nachos...soo yummy. And G and I had Appletinis (easy on the tini). I also had a Pickled Tink...which is worth ordering for the name alone. IT is also super yummy...all fruity and frozen....mmmm...I figure a girl's gotta splurge every now and then.

We moved to GameWorks next for some gaming and bowling action. I have to say, until last night, we did not know it was SEGA GameWorks, and until just now, I had no idea Steven Spielberg had anything to do with its creation. Hmmm...

Anyhoo, I attempted DDR with G. Unfortunately, we did not have any clue as to how the symbols on the screen worked. So we tried to get them all as they floated up, not realizing we had to wait until they hit the top. Fortunately, G's friend Jeremiah showed us how it was done. He was way too good at it though. Hence, I didn't go back to the DDR. We bowled. I did alright. I actually had a couple of Strikes! Woohoo! G even got me to play some fighting game. Surprisingly, I kicked ass. I don't know how I did though. My technique was purely hitting the kick button as fast as I could. The weird flips and things my chicka (which, my chicka was hot....that's what i want to look like, all curvy and muscular, ready to kick ass at a moment's notce) did, were purely coincidental. Some of our gang did the racing game. I was proud because G won.

I have to admit that the fun was soured at one point. First, some back story. I've really tried to like/get along with G's brother. Unfortunately, I think it's time to give it up for a while. Every so often, he shows a glimmer of being a normal, dare I say, responsible human being. Unfortunately, I fear that will never be the case. Case in point: our wedding. G asks Brother to be best man. Brother says yes. Fast forward to about a month before the wedding. Brother e-mails G. Subject line "Just to let you know..." In which he says that he took a part in a play that runs the day of the wedding. He will be there for the ceremony, but will have to leave for the reception. Did he ever talk it over with G? Did he ever apologize to me? Did he even manage to get us a card? No, no, and no. This is Brother's standard behavior to everything. There are other issues I have with his royal selfishness...but right now, I am focusing on his lack of follow-through. Brother was in a show last night. First he says he doesn't know if he can come at all, because of some party. Then he says he wants to come have a drink. Then the party gets canceled, so he says he will be there to bowl with us. Right, so his only brother is merely his back-up plan. Anyway, he says he will be at the place around 11. Eleven comes and goes. Eleven-thirty comes and goes. At some point he calls to say he is on his way. No sign of him. Finally, at 12:30am he calls to say he went to some other party, but he still wants to bowl. Well, we were done bowling, and by the time he would have arrived, the place would be about to close. Now, if he would manage to say, hey, I'm sorry I already have plans, I can't be there. Fine, we wouldn't count on him. But to continually say he is going to do things, and then bail. I am seriously sick of it. I said something half jokingly to him yesterday, when he mentioned he wasn't sure who to choose as his best man for his wedding (a purely fictional wedding by the way), and he mendtioned G was one of the options. I said that at least G would show up and stay for the whole thing. He got really snotty to me, and said I needed to get over it. The only thing that popped out of my mouth was that it was the only wedding I would ever get, so I would dwell if I felt like it. To which he said it was over a year ago (does he even know when we got married?), too bad. I got up and walked away. I would be totally over it, if he didn't get so snotty to us about it, and if he ever would have apologized, or talked to us about it. He has such this attitude that the world should stop for him, and that he should be allowed to let people down without consequence. Grrr...

**to clarify, he does these things to lots of people. And there are lots of other stupid things he does. I was attempting, futiley, to keep this brief, not to be petty**

So, I've decided that if I am responsible for invites for any get-together we have in the future. I am just not going to bother inviting him. That should save him the trouble.

whew...I feel better having let that out.

Anyway, upon leaving, and going into the light of Block E...lets just say, the light is not kind to many people. We watched all the people leaving the night club next door. Eek. It was a little sad to see these people that hooked up in the dark second guess in the light. I would try to describe these people, but I fear it would be an exercise in futility. So instead, I leave with this little nugget from a flyer for the nightclub (which seriusly gives the vibe of a strip club)

"Join us April 10th as the producers of Mardi Gras bring you Boogie Nights
Grab your platform shoes and your bell-bottoms, pick out that 'fro and get ready to groove! We're doing it again, except this time add a disco ball, rollerskates, a lighted dance floor and a special appearance by:
"Macho Man" The Disco Midget.
It won't be just a theme party...It will be an experience.

From my eyes to yours, grammar included.

Posted by raven at April 4, 2004 05:32 PM
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