April 15, 2004

Beverly Hills, 90210

Wow, part of me thinks I have such a great post entry, I can hardly stand it. It's a lot like feeling like I have to pee, and I can't get to a bathroom...not even a public restroom! Only I know I don't have to pee because I just did, so it has to be the blog. Now, I could just post, and I could be like the version of the Heathers I went to school with.

It could all get v.v. grade school 'round these parts.

But, there's part of me that isn't sure I'm supposed to be involved, and there's the other part of me that thinks that the point is to revert to the grade school nonsense, and finally the part of me that says I should do what I always do and < mommy voice > i-g-n-o-r-e </mommy voice > .

Sigh, maybe I'll just go watch some Ben Stiller.

Posted by raven at April 15, 2004 05:04 PM
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