April 21, 2004


So, the good news is, I'm not so grouchy today. More on par with my usual bitchy self, as opposed to my super bitchy self (new and improved formula).

It probably started because I fell asleep watching Quentin Taratino directing Jimmy Kimmel. Or maybe it was because I caught sight of myself naked in the mirror this morning, and didn't freak out. My torso actually looks almost exactly like I want it to look! I do need to tone up my arms and back some more...but not bad, if I do say so myself. And (shameless plug) since I've lost 18-and-a-half pounds, I think I have the right to say so myself. Now, I just need to get my ass to look more like I envision. I think that maybe it (my ass) is allergic to my pants, and that's why it is still all swollen. Unfortunately, society seems to have a problem with people walking around sans pants (unless they are toddlers or infants), so my ass may have to stay somewhat swollen. Or, I just need to find pants that my ass isn't allergic to. If anyone else has a sensitive ass, and can offer any advice, I'd love to hear it.

I may also be in a decent mood, because I have actually been having some artistic inspriation. I think it may have to do with our office redecorating project. I have selected a color I like to call "Phantom Menace Blue." I do not yet know what that translates into Valspar terms, but it is the color of the sky in the Ep 1 poster with little Anakin and Darth Vader's shadow. I find that it is bright enough to be fun and a little funky, and not to country-wedgewood blue, and not too patriotic/americana. I also have a tenative furniture placement and some art tentatively placed. I am working on clearing the crap out of the room, Trading Spaces style. I am also looking forward to having some good space for painting, drawing and sewing. Although, I do have a couple of things on my wishlist: a foldable cutting table, and a self-healing cutting mat. So, if you are wanting to give me a pressie, and do not know what to get, those would be fabulous gifts. Not that I am trying to pressure you or anything. But those would be good.

Or, maybe it's because my cat was so darn cute this morning. I get out of the shower to hear him make his landing noise. (I can't adequately describe the noise with words) I step out of the bathroom to see that Ghas left one of his drawers open, exactly Ziggie width. And there was Herr Zig, chillin in the drawer. So, I of course had to commit the visual to film. I streaked through the house to grab a camera, and knelt down to get him all close. I even managed to get him to look right at me. However, the flash pissed him off, and he darted away. He must know I am talking about him, because he is staring at me as I type this. Either that, or he is hungry, and is calculating how long he could feed off my carcass.

Maybe I should go feed the cats.

Posted by raven at April 21, 2004 04:42 PM

So you missed the grande finale of Tarantino's Kimmel due to an attack of narcolepsy? So sad for you:( And he gave such a moving soliloquy.
As for your ass, Prep H is supposed to reduce swelling. You'll need the big-ass economy tube!
As for the Ziggster, me thinks he likes the lean cuts best, however Crush is not so picky, so go feed the cats, go now!

Posted by: Alliecat at April 21, 2004 10:12 PM

Yeah. I'm sure it they will replay it when they are in one of their rerun marathons. What I saw was cool.

I thought the Prep H was for the inner ass swelling. But hell, if it will work on the whole ass...I'll stock up. Do they seel it in big vats at Costco??

I think my weight loss has made Zig desire to eat me for dinner. This frightens me. I think he is plotting to over throw us. Each day he grows stronger. It will be just like Animal Farm. Without the pigs. And the farm.

Posted by: The Narcoleptic at April 21, 2004 10:39 PM
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