April 25, 2004

I want to rock and roll all night...

Whoa, for a minute there, I almost felt young again! Two parties in one night...very extreme.

We started the night at a friend's birthday party. I have to say that we felt pretty honored to be among those invited, as it was a small gathering, and upon arrival realized that outside of the hosting couple, we only knew one other person. So yeah, we thought it was pretty coo. It was a fun gathering, and we got to meet the dog. The dog is a taller than normal greyhound, and is beautiful. Now, for the record, I am not a dog person. I have to meet the dog, and there are certain breeds of dogs that I cannot stand. (for instance, standard poodles and Afgans. They are creepy, creepy dogs.) However, pretty much all greyhounds are cool. They are gorgeous, all lanky and graceful...elegant. And they have a great temperment. So, I enjoyed meeting the dog, although he was frighteningly tall.

Then, we moved along to a cast party. We decided to stop since it was on our way home. We did arrive in time to see the people that we wanted to see, and for once were not the last to leave. For some reason, we are always the last to leave. Once everyone is gone, it is just awkward... do we leave, do the hosts want to hang, are they bored by us and wish we would get the hell out...especially since we are the hosts that could care less. If someone wants to hang till the sun comes up, we are totally cool with it, because really, what else have we to do? Such a dillemma.

Finally, I read a fantastic article in the paper. Actually that was like the first thing I did, but whatever. Anyway, I really cannot expand very much on how incredible this young woman is...I think the piece speaks for itself.

Posted by raven at April 25, 2004 12:08 PM

Sooo, You would have loved the coverage of the

Afghan Hound running around on I-94, then. The

911 calls from motorists referred to it as a

deer, a coyote, some kind of huge wild animal,

and a large dog. Apparently, it escaped from it

yard with three other dogs. The owner was able

to get them back in, but then this one got out

again. It was hilarious to see the "rescuers"

Try and catch it. They got the loop of rope on a

stick thing on it two or three times before they

finaly captured him. They had traffic stopped,

and these guys running all over after this stupid

dog. Everyones like Awww, I'm thinking how it

would suck to be stuck in traffic for like half

an hour, 45 minutes while these inept looking

guys catch this dog. His owner said he's very

tricky. Yipee.

If anybody knows the secret of knowing when to

leave a party, let me know. I can never "read"

people. Are they chatting to be polite, or are

they enjoying the conversation as much as I?

Yesterday, I'm getting ready to leave a party,

the hosts are talking to me at the door, the

hostess then says" Thanks for comming" I take

this as my cue and go get my car, which is parked

about two blocks away, and return for my

belongings. The hostess comes out to the car

with my things, another sign, so I thought, that

she would like to be rid of me. But no, she

begins another conversation at my window, with my

car running, I really like this person and

wouldn't mind chatting, but my car is running!

My dilemma, do I shut the car off and talk, or

end the conversation and leave? I would shut the

car off, but does this person really want me to?

So I end up with the car running ( I am

calculating the $ being burned) until the hostess

finally says "Oh, you're using up all your gas,

you'd better go" We then comment on the price of

gas and I leave, still not knowing if I should

have stayed longer.

And Raven, I am glad you went out of order and

listed the article last. It was very moving. I

even printed it out to read again and share. I

hope they follow this girls story.

Posted by: Alliecat at April 26, 2004 10:01 AM

Damn woman, that's a long comment.

Yeah, wouldn't be amused by the uber-creepy dog. Not at all.

Yeah, that girl is incredible. Talk about making things happen...

Posted by: Raven at April 26, 2004 06:23 PM

Wow, what a story! (The Somali refugee!)

Posted by: Holly at April 26, 2004 10:07 PM
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