May 10, 2004


I saw what I think culd be the best quote ever in the paper.

"Stupid irony." Brad Pitt on injuring his Achilles tendon while filming Troy.

I am glad that someone finds the time to print these things, because I don't hang around these people to find these gems. Although, I need to start paying attention to the things that the people around me say. The way they talk, I am sure there are some gems that are at least near in brilliance, if not equal.

I talked to my NEW BOSS today. Can you tell I am excited? I have my start date and department and everything. It will be such a kick ass job. Mainly because of the cool people I get to work with and the cool merchandise, and the KICK ASS benefits. I think that will help our situation immensely. It is nice to have all that shite straightened far as the job is concerned, that is. I am antsy to find out when I qualify for the new insurance. I want to have my meds looked at and start up with my group again...however, since we are still fighting for mental health parity, our current insurance doesn't cover it. Grrrr....although maybe all the e-mails/letters/faxes I send to my senators/congressperson will do some good.

Anyway...I was so excited about saving that dollar fifty on Saturday, I missed a whole bunch of other stuff!

I met Mark Dayton on Saturday. I've seen him at plenty of events, but haven't had a chance to talk to him. I got to tell him how much I appreciated all the work he is doing, and that his speech at the CD4 convention was fantastic. He is such a nice guy. Very caring, very hardworking. He also appreciated G's bumper sticker and invited us to his big party after the convention in Duluth. I've heard about his parties, and I would love to go. But I have to work. And since I already know where the money I will make is going, and it should be a nice fat chunk...I should work instead of shelling out for a trip. Anyway, back on track...Mark Dayton is supercool.

On the other end of the spectrum, I had to listen to a lot of ass-talking (by this I mean talking out of one's butt, not a talking donkey. But if anyone finds a talking donkey...let me know.) Gotta love people who make completely uninformed statements and will not listen to fact or reason. Oh well, as someone said in response to one of the ass-talkers, "It is not my job to changer minds. It is my job to establish relationships." Fecking brilliant.

Oh, and I am <sarcasm> happy </sarcasm> to know that boys in SUVs still find me attractive. As I was pumping my cheap gas, some boys honked and yelled "hey baby!" to me. <sarcasm>Oh yeah. Gets me hot. </sarcasm>

Sunday we brunched. It was decent. Sadly, no omelets to order (always my favorite) but there was yummy dessert...and the coffee wasn't bad for restaurant coffee. Got caught up with everyone. Well, mostly I found out that G's grandparents sold their house. I didn't even know it was on the market! They are moving at the end of June...which I know will be approaching quickly. It cracks me up....they are already after us about visiting. That's a bridge we can cross later.

Then of course came the illustrious storms. I didn't know how bad they were until this morning. Luckily, no damage in our hood. However, being the whack job that I am...I had visions of my car smashed under a tree, and was coming up with several back-up plans. But, my car was fine. However, work was freaking slammed because people wanted dcoffee, and lots of it, and most weren't able to make it at work/home/wherever due to lack of electricity.

This is the point where I was going to rant...but I am out of energy. Must. Get. Food. Feeling. Weak. I am also trying to figure out if I have enought time to make it to the library to pick of some necessary reads. Gotta love libraries. Whoever invented them rocks. And I'm not just saying that because I am the daughter of a librarian. They really do rock.

And on that note, a bumper sticker that I have been jonesin' for for some time:
Live simply, so others may simply live.

Posted by raven at May 10, 2004 06:52 PM
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