June 12, 2004

picket fence

Ha. An actual post. Due to our remodeling efforts, I haven't been able to get to the real computer. But, I have my temporary setup worked out for now, so here's a little somethin' somethin'.

So, we need to have this remodeling project done tomorrow. This will allow us to move furniture back in the room and all that jazz, just in time for the Alliecat family to occupy. This project started out pretty simple. Mending the wall damage, cleaning the carpet. Well, it was brought up by a certain someone that we should replace the ceiling tiles while we were at it. In ripping out the old tiles, it was discovered that the people who put up the ceiling in the first place were obviously high. At least I hope they were high. Maybe they ate paint chips as children. Anyhow, we discovered that we needed to rip out what we can only assume is some sort of insulation (it could have easily been some sort of alien being). We also needed to rip off the old crown molding, as it was poorly installed, and warped. So, we now need to reinsulate the ceiling, hang molding, and install new tiles. Oh, and did I mention light fixtures? The old ones were scary at best, and didn't give off much light. So, tomorrow, I pick up the new lights. The paint should be dry (the second coat, that is) fully tomorrow for chalk lining, and ceiling installation.

Then, some serious vacuuming, and carpet cleaning. Since we are cleaning that carpet, we may as well clean the hall carpeting. And the carpet in the bedroom.

Oh, and now that the room is painted, I can't decide if we should leave the woodwork alone, or paint it white. The woodwork darkens the room (i think). However, it matches most of the wood furniture. I also wanted to hang white shelves. I can't decide if I should just go wood-colored there, or if white shelves would be okay with the wood-colored woodwork, or if I should just screw it all and do a little more painting. Hmmm...

I can't wait for the kitchen project. I was all psyched, but after this little number, I am afraid...very afraid.

Posted by raven at June 12, 2004 02:32 AM
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