July 20, 2004

All warm and tingly...

...and not in that way.

Today at the not-so-new-anymore job, my boss came up to me. She told me that a comment card had been filed about me. She said it in that way that only sounds like it is going a bad place.
However, someone took the time to write that I was super helpful and friendly. She mentioned that she wasn't sure what our store's procedure was, but other stores have some sort of pin that you get when something good like that happens.

Since people these days rarely acknowledge the positive, it was a pleasant surprise. I gave me a boost today, which after working for umpteen days solid, I needed that.

On a side note, why do managers make it sound like they are going to have a talk with you when they are about to tell you something good? At a previous job (I was a server), I was tipping out the bartender, who was also a trainer. She asked me if Rick, the manager, had talked to me yet. He hadn't, and again, the manager having a talk with you is rarely a good thing. She goes on that some ladies I had waited on had requested to speak to a manager, and started to go on and on about their server--I'm trying to rack my brain as to what I could have possibly done wrong--because she was so nice and accomodating, and so on. I never saw that coming. Especially since it was a table of campers during lunch rush. But, apparenty my acting skills are at least useful somewhere. So, I should be able to rest knowing that while I am figuring out what the hecate to do with my life, I can always work the service industry. :-P

Posted by raven at July 20, 2004 12:17 AM
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