August 08, 2004


I was going to title this "Same Old..." But, apparently I've already thought of that one. Bah.

Anyhoo...still working a crapload of hours. I get to sit here and type this, because my noon tour for today canceled. I am only happy about this, because between my jobs, I will be working oh, about 80 hours this week. I am already a little freaked out by this, but I am trying to focus on the paycheck at the end. Which makes me a little sad, because I always try not to think about the paycheck, and just do my job, and try to enjoy at least one of them. Which I do. Enjoy one of them that is.

Friday I actually had a day off. I got some stuff done...whoohoo. G and I went shopping. We decided to head out to EPC as the Hot Topic there gets all the clearance items from the other Hot Topics. Unfortunately, they didn't have much else, including the two things we went for. I did however score a pair of red fishnets on clearance, so they are now my backup red fishnets, in case of failure of the first.

We also went to *hanging head in shame* Old Navy. A regular at my first job gave us all discount passes, so I wanted to see if they had any basic little tees. They did, I bought. We also went to Mervyn's for some last deals. I found one last bra in my size (these are my faves, and they are Mervyn's exclusives so I need to get what I can now!), a b-day gift for my niece and a couple of belts. Sigh, I miss them already.

And what better way to cap off an evening of consumerism than with dining out. We ate at Don Pablo's. Yummy...but I ate too much. I have to work on that. I always quit too late, and then feel lousy. We watched Hellboy when we got home. Hellboy kicks ass. I am looking forward to number two. And there so needs to be a Hellboy game. That would be sweet. Speaking of which. We went to the midnight release of Doom3. We scored some free stuff, so that was cool, and the people watching was interesting. Most importantly...we have DOOM3!! I still suck, so I will have to use any free time that I have this week that is not devoted to the gym, to mastering Doom3. I will conquer it!!

Well, I must go to the gym since I can't go tomorrow, and I didn't go yesterday. We went to MoA yesterday (and did get what we wanted from Hot Topic) but, as I walked by Lane Bryant, and looked at the clothes that were aproximately the size I was not so long ago I was glad that I worked so hard to get back to what I was before that. Anyway, it was an extra boost of motivation for me. That, and now that we are clubbing more often, I want to be able to wear those last couple of hot outfits in my drawer. Wow, that was a long winded way for me to say...

off to the gym!

Posted by raven at August 8, 2004 12:29 PM
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