November 08, 2004

What's this all about??

For those of you who aren't my husband or co-workers, a recap. I have been pretty much closing every night I work. This means not much time to actually have a nice night on the town, so to speak.

Finally, Friday, I got an opening shift. So, we decided to see about going to a movie with our friends, NQTYD and No Name Slob, as we had so oft talked about, but hadn't made happen. The timing turned out to be perfect. Blogumentary was premiering as a part of Get Real. As readers of Chuck's blog, we had heard a lot about his process, seen clips of potential footage, and all in all been hooked by what he was doing, what he had to say, and needed to see where it was going.

Now, it might seem simple to make plans to go out with friends, but what a lot of people don't know is that we are an indecisive bunch. It took much planning. But, we were able to come to an agreement. We might be an indecisive bunch, but we are agreeable.

We met at the theatre in time to wait in line for a bit. It was good to see such a turnout that a line was required, even 45 minutes before showtime. We even managed to stay on-topic while we waited, chatting about our blogs, blogs we read, blogs we wish we could be more get the picture. We saw Chuck in the flesh. I felt all cool, being at the premier, with the director mere feet away from me. After the tickets were purchased, we had to wait in line some more. It seems the mixer blew at the theatre, and it had to be fixed before the film could be shown. Fortunately, there was more bloggity goodness to be discussed, and a friend of our friends joined us to liven things up (whose company I enjoyed very much, I might add!). Chuck gave us all "blogger" t-shirts, which made it even more worthwhile. (they were even ringer tees...fancy!) G even spoke to the filmmaker while we waited. He's so cool.

After all the fuss, we got to see the film. It was great. It was interesting to see all the points of view...the geek humor...and the many ways blogs are used. I feel like this little blog here is nothing compared to some of the amazing works these bloggers have created. I feel the need to buckle down. But anyway...seriously, it was a great film. Chuck should be very proud. So should his girlfriend, who is even cuter in person, if that's possible.

After the flickage, we made our way to Barbette. We discussed politics and saving the world over good wine and yummy food. It was a good time, with great company. One o'clock rolled around far sooner than I would have expected, and we departed, our spirits high and feeling full of hope of future gatherings, great blogging, rewarding ideas, and a renewed sense of spirit over our influence on the direction of our country. It was a wonderful evening.

Posted by raven at November 8, 2004 01:53 AM

I don't know how much I really did to "liven things up", but I can say it was nice meet you and GSeven, and I had a great time hanging out w/you guys. So thanks for letting me be part of your evening!

Posted by: equipoise at November 9, 2004 01:45 PM

It was lovely meeting you as well. We'll have to get together again sometime for a rousing political discussion.

Posted by: Raven at November 9, 2004 03:14 PM
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