February 09, 2005


I keep thinking that the mood to post will strike me, and I will have something that is witty/interesting/provocative to say. However, having been overcome by ennui, this has yet to happen. So I'm just going to pretend that no one is readin this (and if you are, I apologize) and just write something so that the immense pressure of perfection will subside (yeah, right).

So, after talking about it for months, I finally had my hair done. If I were feeling more ambitious, I would post the picture's here. However, you will just have to head over to G to see. There are before and after pics in there if you would like. I am enjoying my new hair, although, I am thinking of getting *gasp* bangs next time I go in. When my hair is sparkly clean and freshly blown dry, it looks good, and I am passable without bangs, but with my high forehead, after one day, I look a little too horsey. That and I'm sure that age is not on my side here. I have avoided bangs thus far to avoid looking like a twelve-year-old, but now being in my early late mid twenties, methinks that wouldn't be so bad.

Last weekend, we finally got a huge chunk of our furniture. Of course that means that we have to do some work around the house to ge that furniture built and in place. And by we, I mean I. I really want to get our new bed all put together and pretty. I am debating if I should repaint our room first. I like the current color, but I am thinking of either adding an accent wall, or changing the main color, and adding a diferent colored accent wall. This also means I need to get my sewing machine back in action and alter our new duvet cover, and make throw pillows. Except that the TV sitting on top of the sewing cabinet needs the bedroom to be put together again to have a home. Such a vicious cycle. Oh, and we got new flooring for the living room. I can't wait to start ripping up the nasty ass carpeting and put down the new floor. Then we get to install our wall units, and then, we will almost have a done room. This means a new tab will open up in my redecorating/remodeling binder. This means I can start thinking....kitchen remodel!!! I really can't wait for that, since I think the guy who designed our kitchen was on the crack when he did it. The cupboards are all but completely useless and dirt ass. They don't line up with each other, or the appliances, or anything for that matter. But, that is a ways off. *sigh* At least until we get the stuff built, the cats are enjoying their new balance beams.

I should admit that our lack of progress over the last week in building our furniture, would have something to do with the fact that the flu knocked me on my ass for the bulk of last week. And part of this one. I was horizontal for longer than I have been for a long time. I am feeling better now, and trying to make up for lost time at the gym. So far, not so lucky there.

On happier notes, trips are in my future. I am going to see the fam for Easter (hurrah!). This means I finally get to show G what a real Easter is like. We will get to dye eggs, and find baskets full of goodies, and eat wayyy too much, and get dressed up...though I have a feeling we will miss church. Just a gut feeling I am getting. Then, at the end of April...drumroll please.....we are going to CALIFORNIA! Only for a weekend, but that weekend includes COACHELLA! WHOOOHOOOO! And we should be able to see our friend Travis a little while there, which will be a definite bonus. I think this trip will officially make us NIN groupies, but I can think of worse things to be that's for sure. We still have to get plane tix, and figure out accomodations, but we have the concert tix, and that's what's important. Even if those tickets will use our ticket budget for the year. Gah! Oh, and Coldplay headlines the first day, which I reminded G that a certain Chris Martin is on my list. He seemed pleased. And by pleased, I mean he is quite possibly taking his mistress to the festival instead.

We still managed a trip to GZ over the weekend. I still felt like hell, so I took this as an opportunity to wear something I normally wouldn't, as I can't dance in it. Like an ass, I still thought I might try to dance, and thought I was going to die. So, we decided to spend the rest of the evening perched on a sofa, people watching. And, for the record, there are some scary people out there. And by scary, I mean the gene pool needs some chlorine. Stat. On the other hand, the beautiful people were still out, so at least there was balance in the force. I am hoping this weekend will be better. At least I should be reasonably healthy, so that's a start. I picked up some new accessories for the evening. I think I will go festive, all red and sassy. We are attending an Anti-Valentine's day party, then clubbing after.

Speaking of the big V-day...I will finally get to eat at Forepaugh's. Mmmm...escargot...yummy! I am hoping that a ghost will join us as well, but that may be too much to ask. I have no idea what I will wear...but time is a wasting, so I'd better get on that. I the previously mentioned sewing machine problem was solved, I would create something...but no dice :(

hmmm...I am suddenly feeling very sleepy. I suppose the rest of this nonsense will have to wait until later....especially since I need to get my ass to work in the wee hours. If only I wasn't beginning to despise my job...but again, more nonsense for a different day.

Posted by raven at February 9, 2005 11:56 PM
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