February 14, 2005

food coma...

never. eating. again. can't. move. damn. the. french. can't. type. either. please. forgive.

so, yes, we bought into the whole "retail holiday" business. And you know what? I am happy we did. It was most enjoyable, until now when I realized this will in no way help that I feel like a heifer. (a guernsey, specifically)
we started celebrating on Saturday. After working too late, and having to skip the party I said we were going to (yeah, I'm officially an asshole) and went to Ground Zero. I was all festive, in my red and white waitress dress, and cute white stockings with red hearts, and of course the red hair,though unintentionally so, was still festive. I expected more festive people, but outside of the candy hearts and like two people that worked there, there was nary any red to be seen.

Today, we exchanged cards. G, being the overachiever that he is, bought me a dozen long stemmed red roses, and some chocolate as well. He even got me a relatively safe kind, knowing that I can't stop eating chocolate, and that I would be pissed at myself for it. We got dressed up, and went to Forepaugh's. It is a gorgeous place, all victorian and such. Because he made our reservation so early, we got a fantastic table overlooking Irvine Park, and part of the Saint Paul skyline. Right below the room where an interesting (and romantic in a very creepy way) event occurred. The food was amazing. If it weren't inappropriate, I would have moaned. we started off with Escargot and french bread. Scrumptious. We split a bottle of Vouvray. I like that I know enough about wine now, that I didn't have to look at the wine list in total ignorance. The dijon vinaigrette on the salad was out of this world. Though it was tough to choose, I had the Salmon. Oh. My. So incredible. It had this puff pastry shell, and spinach, and some sort of orgasmic cream sauce, with a side of saffron rice. I literally closed my eyes and let my head roll back a couple of times. Geoff ahd the duck (you cannot have ze duck. You can have ze chicken.) I told him I would give him a dollar if, when the waitress came back to ask how everything was, he would say, "just ducky." He didn't. Though I shouldn't have, we went for dessert. We got two, and split them. One was a traditional English trifle (you hardly noticed the beef sauteed with peas and onions!), and the other was some sort of flourless chocolate cake thing with grand marnier in the frosting. Seriously, and amazing night. I have never understood the idea of a "good" table versus a "bad" table, but our table was so wonderful. I felt slightly bad for the couple who had to sit staring at our backs, but since he talked about all the places he wanted to get and they were booked, too bad. The place is stunning...if I would have known, I would have considered having our wedding there. Of coursse, we would have had to trim the guest list by a LOT, but it would have been worth it. Knowing so much about the history of the place, and the area, it was even more interesting to us. I was wishing we hadn't had a day of rain and snow yesterday, because I could have gone for a walk in the park. However, I think we would have been up to our eyebrows in mud.

So, commercial holiday or not, it was a delightful eveing. I only wish I didn't have to work in the morning. Talk about a buzz killer.

Posted by raven at February 14, 2005 11:50 PM
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