April 06, 2005

Don't pass out from the shock now...

Ugh...my first day back from vacation. I so don't want to be back. Mostly because this means my crappy job and filthy house were waiting for me to arrive and get everything in order. Gee can you sense my thrill?

My vacation was okay. (for those who are unawares, I was visiting the fam for Easter) As I wrote today in my paper journal, it seems different every time i go back. The first few times were right in the swing of things. Then, slowly, it was obvious that the people I knew when I lived there and I were heading our separate directions. We've intersected through the years, but overall things aren't the same. It was good to see the fam, though. Alliecat's kids are adorable (even when they are being brats!). They make it worth the hassle of holidays. My niece is definitely a teenager. She decided sometime toward the end of last year that she is punk/goth. So, I have become her mentor in all things goth. The first lesson? You can be "goth" without being "goth" all the time. It's more fun to be ecclectic, and to sway with your moods. She is still finding her groove. But, it's hilarious that most of the clothes she thought were weird before, she now loves. We stopped at some Hot Topics, and we also went to Royal Oak. We of course had to go to Noir Leather. It is so weird now that it's Main Street location is gone.* We also perused Incognito. I drooled at both places. Alliecat got a seriously badass pair of boots on clearance. I would have gotten a pair, but they forgot to cross off my size as unavailable. I tried on a similar pair, but my mammoth thighs were too much for them. I found some things that I will keep my eyes out for cheap on e-bay. So far no luck, but they are brand new items, so I am holding out hope. There were plenty of things my niece was wary of, but Alliecat and I reminded her of how weird she thought all the stuff she now wears was. It's weird to see my niece in full-fledged teenager mode. It seems she was just a baby, and now we are out shopping together. *sigh* Damn, I'm getting old.

The boys just wanted to hang out with G. He was very patient with them, though I think he would have liked a bit more alone time.

We celebrated G's birthday at Friday's. It was fun, and he should have the pics up on his Flikr site soon. Of course, I splurged and shared a cocktail with him, and split a dessert with some young 'uns. I promptly went home and popped a vidocin. apparently uclers don't like treats. Not even small ones. However, he seemed to like my present, a copy of John Stewart's latest book. My mom got him some super cute, and funny, PJ's. Alliecat got him a funky tie from Hot Topic. It wasn't our usual blowout, but it was nice...and more like what I was used to.

We went bowling with the kiddos on Saturday. They were hilarious. In between frames, I watched the state cheerleading competition on the TV behind the bar, and gave my niece pointers. (yeah, goth chicks can cheerlead...what else do you think I did in high school??) The alley sucked, though. I am getting a lot better with my technique, but technique only goes so far when your ball sucks ass. G wound up with a very sore arm due to said sucktastic balls. But, it was fun to hang with the kids.

We managed to get a visit in to the Hard Rock Detroit. The food and drinks were good, but I think our server was on something. Allie was nice enough to hook us up with a souvenier pilsner glass. We then journeyed on to City Club. We haven't been out there on our last few visits. Which is weird, since it was like a home to me for the last couple of years I lived in the area. It's weird how it's the same, but my perception is so different. I guess my weekly visits to Ground Zero out here have changed my POV. Fist of all, the place is smoky. Smoky enough, that within 15 minutes, my throat was closed and so raspy it hurt to swallow. Upon arriving home, I remembered how my clothes had to go right to the basement, and I would have to take an immediate shower, no matter how late (early??) I got home. In the shower I would be knocked over by the smell as I washed my hair, at least two times, sometimes three. Whoever coined the phrase, lather, rinse repeat, must have been to CC. The music was good, but I forgot how awful their sound system is. There were some familiar people there, and lots of new ones. I'm pretty sure that I saw a friend's ex there. What was weirder was that I'm pretty sure he tried hitting on me on the dance floor, which I ignored. There was the usual good people watching, and with the $4 cover and 50 cent coat check, it was definitely worth it. It also reminded me how nice it is to not get kicked out of a club at 2 am. *sigh* However, I'm jonesing for GZ and can't wait for Saturday.

Sunday we had the "unbirthday" celebration, with cake and ice cream. We sang to my nephew who turns *gasp* ten today. and to G, who turned twenty something a week ago. There were presents, and G and I packed up our shit. It took longer than expected, so we didn't get on the road until the asscrack of dawn on Monday. We also dawdled on the way home, stopping for a long lunch in Chicago, and driving through Milwaukee. We didn't get home until Monday night, ruining the plans I had for cleaning the house like a maniac. I won't get into that now, however, since I'm not thrilled with a certain someone who was supposed to pick up the slack today while I was at work. Especially since we will have a houseguest this week. Grrr....

The double edged sword that is vacation. I have about a zillion posts about other crap going on in my life right now, but am too tired and stresssed to write about that...
*For the uninitiated, Noir Leather had a main store right on Main St. of downtown Royal Oak. They would have their fetish shows right in the windows, where people would come from miles around to witness them. Auto and foot traffic would be stopped as both those from the scene and the suburban looky loos would come to see the shows. The city had to pass a law disallowing such shows. So, Noir started doing shows all around town, and usually drawing in the crowds, but not quite the same as the originals. Eventually, Royal Oak decided it wanted to change it's image. So, it pushed Noir out of its Main St. location :( Luckily they were able to move into their Vintage Noir location. While still cool, it's a bummer not to have as much Noir.

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