May 18, 2005

Three tomatoes are walking down the street....

Silly me. I've been putting off writing for a while, because I have roughly a million-and-ten entries floating around in my head. Of course, me being me, couldn't write thenew ones, until the old ones were finished, and thus, I am about two months behind.

So, out of sheer laziness, a bulletted list of summaries of what I would have blogged had I gotten off my ass, so that i can continue on in my normal halfhazard fashion.

  • February Acouple of days after Valentine's, G had to pick me up early from work as I was having stomach pains that were so bad, I could not stand up straight. Upon seeing how I looked, and knowing my pain tolerance, he took me to the ER. Several hours later, I went home, with a prescription for Vicodin, prilosec, and not knowing what was wrong. Five doctors of varying types later, we think it's an ulcer. I still feel like crap, so a scope will be in order. i will have to get on that.
  • March--Right before we left on vacation was Ground Zero's Rubber Ball. Basically a regular Bondage-a-go-go night, with extra fetishy gothiky goodness. Had an absolute blast. Discovered that my antidepressants killed any tolerance to alcohol I once had. After three cocktails, which were spread out over the course of the evening, I was puh-lass-tered. I danced like a fiend, and wound up with about a jillion bruises on my arms and legs from the railings around the podium I was dancing on. got hit on by two hot chicks. Freaked out a goth boy. Also freaked out some people at the diner we hit afterward when I took off my coat and had a Janet jackson incident. Oops.
  • March vacation
  • April On a day off, I pass out and hit my head on the litter locker. I hit it such that I fold my ear over and severely bruise it, along with messing up my neck, back, and shoulder, and bruising my head. Am told I have a mild concussion. Start taking Iron supplements and pills for my adrenal glands. Still get periodic dizzy spells.
  • April G gets some sort of stomach bug. Long story short, he is in the hospital for a week. First, for DKA, then because they discovered he tore a hole in his esophagus due to such violent vomitting. I'll spare the details, but it was scary for me, and luckily he is okay, though ten pounds lighter. I think the pounds have found their way to my thighs. They need to find their way back to him. Due to said hospital visit, our trip to Cali was canceled.
  • We are officially addicted to Movieoke. We have become regulars. We had to take some time off due to illness, but we are back now. We are working on some new scenes, so that we don't suck. i have been enjoying the free beer, even though my ulcer (or whatever it is) doesn't seem to enjoy it the way I do. Ssshhhh...don't tell my doctor. Since not drinking wasn't working, I figure screw it for the interim.
  • May Silver lining--we get to go to Goth Prom. G and I weren't feeling great, and were broke, so it wasn't as much fun as it could have been. However, it was fun to be all dressed up, and to see all the beautiful people. If you look at the goth prom gallery for 2005, you can see me dancing in a few pics.
  • We finally have a real grown-up bed. yay!
  • We have half of our living/dining room floor done. We were set back a bit by various health issues, but we are back on track. After that, I just need to repair and paint the ceiling, attach new molding, and build our shelving. We will then have a grown up living room. Almost.
  • It has been raining for days. And days. It won't freaking stop. I got up early on my day off this week and went out to weed and clean the patio. I got halfway through before it started raining again. Bah.

So, there is the Reader's Digest version of my posts. I think that will get me caught up enough to actually start posting again. Maybe.

Posted by raven at May 18, 2005 05:28 PM
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