October 11, 2005

Procrastinate? Who? Me???

So, theoretically, I should be busting my ass, cleaning our condo right now. It is my only real day off (meaning I only had to work at my part-time job, and have a concert tonight, so most of the day is free), so I really should take advantage. Especially considering I am still fighting bronchitis, so I was home from work all weekend, and tried going in yesterday, only to leave after three piddly hours. I feel like since I am actually wearing real clothes, I should take advantage.

But that's no fun.

so, I blog. I keep putting that off, too, since I am so insanely behind. But the blogging is by far more appealing than the cleaning, so there it is.

These last couple of weeks have been okay. They probably would have been better had I not been coughing to the point of injuring myself, but what can ya do? Most of our beering five was able to get together about a week and a half ago for (what else) beering. As usual, it was a lot of fun. I really adore our little clique that formed from the show. Especially since it seems that the people I am closest to, keep moving elsewhere. It's nice to have people to hang with every now and then. It amazes me every so often that we all met doing this show, and yet we still hang. I think it helps that we are all about the same age, and in a really similar place in each of our lives. The one exception being G and I, since we are married. Other than that, we are all twenty-somethings who are putting roofs over our heads, and food on the table, and trying to do this little thing called acting. We are all adults, yet still are able to enjoy our youth. We each have our own dreams that may not be the typical dreams, or the standard ideal, but they belong to us, and we want to make them reality. We can be serious without taking ourselves too seriously. Overall, we just really click. It's very cool.

My parents went home last week. It seems unusually quiet around here. I am putting things back together, and have to admit that while I love having them around, it is easier to clean and go through my stuff without extra stuff around. They took good care of us while out here, which is always appreciated. Unfortunately, my dad developed Pneumonia. Fortunately, my hacking and wheezing was only bronchitis, so I am thankful.

Thanks to all my coughing, I have managed to screw up my back. I am on the lookout for a new chiropractor, but haven't found one yet. So, I went to my friend DarKn's for a massage last week. I felt awesome for several hours, until the coughing managed to tighten things up. I am pretty sure that I actually threw out a disc somewhere in the middle, because it is very pinchy. So, I think that I will need to visit him again once the coughing is all gone, so that maybe the effects will last. Although, he is way too nice to me, and didn't charge me for this last one. I will feel to guilty to go to him if he does that again, though my broke self did appreciate the gesture. Anyhow, he is really good, so if you need a massage therapist, I would highly recommend him. Even though, I kept having Friends flashbacks...like when Rachel goes to the salon for a massage, and Pheobe didn't want her to know she worked there, so she said her name was IKEA, and talked with a Swedish accent. Or the one where Monica finally lets Pheobe masage her, and it turns out that Mon makes sex noises during massages. Yeah, my mind always tends to wander to Friends. I am totally not addicted, though. And I totally know that these are not real people. Totally.

Friday and Saaturday saw me in PJs. Friday I found out I had bronchitis. I got some antibiotics, which I think are helping, though it still hurts insanely when I cough Sunday I made it out to see the beering five, and see G's show. It was really good, and I am very proud of him. He even made it through his 19 minute monologue smoothly, despite someone's car alarm going off very loudly right outside the theatre. If I could have afforded to buy him flowers, I would have. He rawked.

So, hmmm. I really don't have much else. I think that means I should clean. As much as I ramble, and that's all I can come up with. Bah. My procrastination skills need a brush up.

Posted by raven at October 11, 2005 10:45 AM

I'm sorry to hear about your problems with your bronchial tubes and your back. I really miss you guys. Are they doing a tape of Geoff's show? I'd love to see it. Feel better soon, or I'll make you come to Florida and sit in the sun all day, so you can bake it out of yourself!

Posted by: Nina at October 13, 2005 10:51 AM
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