October 28, 2005

jumping on the bandwagon

10 random things about me:

10) I was a virgin until my wedding night
9) i'm batshit crazy
8) while i love being the center of attention, i'm okay to sitting on the sidelines
7) i would rather not do something than do it half-assed
6) got engaged in Paris
5) am totally deaf in one ear, for reasons that are completely unknown
4) am related to Charlie Chaplin
3) can touch the tip of my nose with my toungue, and can lick my elbow
2) i don't have the heart for musical theatre
1) i'm taller than anyone in my immediate family

9 things i want to do before i die

9) travel to every continent
8) settle my debts...monetary, and personal
7) leave an impression
6) get over all my mental issues
5) have an impact on society
4) make my living doing only things i love to do
3) finish writing my book of poetry, and get it published
2) meet Billy Corgan
1) let all of the crap go

8 ways to win my heart/affection/respect

8) love me
7) respect me
6) be kind to others, especially those that it is difficult to be kind to
5) understand me
4) be yourself
3) be honest
2) do the little things
1) do everything with all you've got

7 things i'm afraid of

7) failing
6) succeeding
5) spiders
4) germs
3) letting others down
2) that i won't get to everything
1) getting lost while driving

6 things i believe in

5) that there is good in every person (sometimes you just have to look a little harder)
4) reincarnation
3) that every single thing happens for a reason, no matter how hard it is to figure out what that reason is, or how long it takes to figure it out
2) honesty
1) good friends, even the peripheral ones, are one of the most important things one can have

5 places i have lived

5) a far-flung suburb of Detroit
4) Bloomington
3) Minneapolis
2) Saint Paul
1) That's all i've got

4 of my favorite items in my bedroom

4) my hot, hot black patent Franco Sarto boots with the strappies up the back
3) my bed
2) my wedding dress
1) G

3 things i do every day

3) check my e-mail
2) try to figure out how i can cram more in to not enough time
1) snuggle with my sweetie

2 things i'm trying not to do now:

2) Give in to temptation
1) hurt people

1 person i want to see right now:

Leanna...I could really go for some Jameson, cloves, and a heartfelt conversation with her right now. Not to mention i am going to miss her terribly at the masquerade ball tomorrow.

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