November 15, 2005

...time is a valuable thing...

I keep meaning to post and catch up, instead I fall farther behind. I have yet to post about the first U2 concert we attended which is coming up on two months past. And in those two months, there has been a Nine Inch Nails concert, an anniversary, a birthday, some drama, Halloween/Samhein, another U2 concert (in LA, no less), and a whole lotta stress.

So, I will get to that eventually. For the time being, I shall pretend it is Sunday, and talk about how amazing Ground Zero was on Saturday night. Now, let’s think about the stress I mentioned. I am not going to rail into that just yet, but let’s just say that Lady Raven here needed to get out and let go. G picked me up from work, and I changed in the car. I planned on changing at work, but I forgot my fishnets, so I needed to wait for G’s arrival with them before getting in my gear. I was amped to wear the new top G had purchased for me. It is a black velvet triangle bra top with fuchsia feathers. I already had in my collection two similar tops, in a shiny fabric, one with black and blue feathers, and one with red and black feathers. I love them both, so this one was a welcome addition*. I have to say I looked pretty cute in it with my pink and black punk skirt and fuchsia eye shadow, and lots of fuchsia glitter. So, right there, the outfit cheered my sorry ass up. Upon entering Ground Zero, I felt even better. The energy was really good Saturday. I don’t know what it was, but it was such a great vibe coming from everyone there. I got my Jameson on the rocks, and all the crap of the last couple of weeks just started to fade away. The DJ was rockin’. Overall, he is good , but he does have off nights, and even on his “on” nights, there are some that are better than others. This night, he was smokin’. It was a great mix of music, and each song flowed nicely into the next. I wasn’t necessarily feeling like my dancing was spot on, but I just lost myself in the music. G even joined me on the dance floor, which was nice. Saturday was the epitome of why I go to GZ, and so often. It just feels like home, more so than any other “Goth” club I’ve been to, which is saying a lot.

The only bad thing? The patio was closed. So, if you wanted to smoke or get some air, you had to go out front, where the wind is free to blow right through you…bah. And silly Raven thought she would just leave her coat in the car. Fortunately G brought the car around at the end of the night so I didn’t freeze my arse off. (wait, maybe that would have been a good thing…) This guy Scott, who I haven’t talked to in forever, chatted with me while I waited. He used to talk with me some at the end of the night, mostly about dancing. Then, one night, he came up and said he would ask me to dance, but he figured my boyfriend wouldn’t like it. I clarified that G was my husband, and hadn’t heard a word from him since. I figured that I scared him away. So, it was nice to chat again. He reminded me of what a great dancer he thinks I am, and another guy piped up to tell me the same. It felt good to hear that, it was what I needed. As I stood, shivering, a girl even offered me her coat. I politely declined, but it was such a nice offer. Just everything about Saturday sort of gave me a fresh perspective, and made me feel more positive. It made me ready to let go of the emotional and stressful crap that I have allowed myself to accumulate over the last few weeks. Normally, I consider my birthday my new year. I use it to reflect on what I have done, and what I hope to accomplish in the next year of my life. This year, I am considering yesterday that beginning. I just wasn’t ready to forge ahead, and needed some extra time before I could push forward. I (/we) have made some important decisions and goals, and I am really looking forward to what this next year has to offer.

Now, I feel like this has been long and rambling enough, so I promise I will come back with all the other updates I previously mentioned. This was the kind of thing I needed to post about before the energy and vibe were totally lost.

*If I haven’t mentioned it, my husband rocks.

Posted by raven at November 15, 2005 10:03 AM
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