March 09, 2006

you tell me....

So, what do you all this me?

OCTOBER - Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to takes
things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Sexy. Gets angry often.
Treats friends importantly. Always making new friends. Easily hurt but
recovers easily. Day dreamer. Loyal. Opinionated. Does not care what
others think. Emotional. Decisive. Strong clairvoyance. Loves to travel,
the arts and literature. Touchy and easily jealous. Honest, does not
pretend. Concerned. Love s outdoors. Just and fair. Spendthrift. Easily
influenced. Easily loses confidence. Loves children???????

I think outside of loving is pretty accurate. Although there are three children I maybe that counts? Even if one of them is *gasp* a TEENAGER!

Posted by raven at March 9, 2006 09:55 PM

Yep, I'd say this is pretty you, save the loves children part indeed. You're not necessarily all that easily influenced though, in the grand sense, only by people you care about.

Miss you.

Posted by: Leanna at March 20, 2006 12:02 PM
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