May 22, 2006

i was up above it... I'm down in it...

Ahh...Trent, you always know what's up.

So, a week ago was the infamous Goth Prom. Originally, I was totally going to make something for it, I even had fabric! Alas, since I had other projects I haven't even been able to work on due to exhaustion from work and rehearsal, that was not meant to be. So, I donned the infamous Bride of Frankenstein dress, picked up a black and red wig, and rocked my super tall boots. G picked up a Lip Service Pervy Priest coat with his birthday moola, and looked pretty rocking. He got his hair cut, and I dyed it for him for extra gothy goodness. We were pretty well coordinated, and as soon as I can, I will totally post pictures.

While I had a decent time at last year's prom, G had just gotten out of the hospital, I was sick, and we were po'. This year, we had a fantastic time. I rushed home from rehearsal to get ready. We went to Otter's first to see our peeps there, as promised. It was totally worth it, since Ms. Everlastingwhy actually sang! And, she rocked the house!! We were requested to sing "Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and my Columbia actually caused people in the bar to burst out into spontaneous applause. Whoohoo! We took that as our moment to leave, and headed for the Saloon. It was crowded, but not obnoxiously so. We spotted out favorite bartender from Ground Zero behind the bar, guest bartending. Yay! We wandered around in search of peeps we knew, and found them fairly quickly. The Seamster looked very goth formal, and we saw MissStage, which was a surprise...she looked adorable with her hair all curled. We danced a lot...well, I danced a lot, G danced a bit. G won a gift card to The Local, which is perfect for Movieoke this week. I won a free piercing. This is funny, because I've been thinking about a standard nose piercing. I asked G about getting one after Glass Menagerie closes. We had this discussion on Sunday. Weird. So, now I get it for free. One of the fun/funny things about Goth Prom, is the DJ's play music you will never hear outside of Goth Prom, unless you are playing it yourself, because it is a stereotypical goth song. The songs that everyone knows, and you hear on the radio. So, we got to hear Closer, Beautiful People, Bela Lugosi is The awesome DJ (Mr. Nitrogen) ended the evening with my favorite....The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove. Sigh. Fun times.

Then, we fast forward to Friday. This would be the Otter Prom. Now, I am the world's biggest dork. I totally knew that this would be my only chance to ever be the queen of anything, so I really wanted to be Prom Queen. Anyhow, I had to close at work, suck. So, I crammed my prom dress and such into my locker for the day so I could go right from work. G wound up renting a tux, with tails and top hat, since I wanted him to be dressed up as well. We invited lots of friends, but only two showed up...a friend of Geoff's and one of my best friends. Anyhow, it started off sort of weird. I changed at work, into a dress I wore in a wedding, that I love (it's plum and navy tafetta) complete with cheesy prom garter. I get in my car after, and it won't start. I call G back and ask if someoen can come and get me. His friend offers, and he asks me what happens when I try to start the car. I tell him, and he says it sounds like the security system (which has been trouble lately). He says he is on his way, and hangs up. I ponder momentarily, then start hitting the button on the remote. Eventually, the car will start. So, I call back, and have them abort the rescue of me from the work parking lot. I arrive to the bar, and have have G help me zip my dress...then we make our entrance...hurray! I get a drink passed to me from G's friend, because it is too frou-frou for him. I ask my friend why he came alone. he said he didn't have anyone to bring. I ask him why he didn't bring the girl he was out with before he came to the bar. This is the beginning of the drama. i sing some Garbage (the band), we drink, my friend tells me he will talk to me on Tuesday, and I say that's fine because I already know what's going on, he says I don't, I say, Oh yeah I do...he finally has me tell him what I think I know, and I was totally right. He somehow thinks I don't catch on to things. Ha. Anyhow, after more karaokeing, and drinking and such, he tells me something. Something which he has been lying to me about since Novemeber. Something that makes me ill. Something that makes most of what he has told me since November to be untrue. I get up and whisper to G, I think he and I are done, and tell him why. G and I go outside to "get some air" and talk to some of our other friends that are regulars for a bit. We come back in, and I can't remember the exact flow of events, because a lot went down. So, in a nutshell, G and I get crowned Prom King and Queen. We get the world's cheesiest crowns, we get a prom picture frame, and these Guatemalan figurines that are funny and bizarre. Mine was a bride, and Geoff's was a peach, and when you lift the tops off, there are little naked people underneath. So weird, but funny. I was insanely happy. See, I told you I am a dork. I sing some more, including a duet with G, which was fun. Finally, my friend approaches me about what he told me, and I tell him we are done. He tries to talk his way out of it, and I go outside. I talk to some people, and they ask about the drama, I tell tehm that I'm pretty sure I am no longer friends with someone who was one of my best friends. Then, I see my friend walk right past me to his car. I am pissed that he is leaving without saying anything. So, I go over to him and we start arguing. G comes out to tell me one of our friends from the bar bought us drinks, so I go back in with a to be continued. I come back out, and tell G he can go home, and I will call him if I need a ride. We wind up arguing all the way back to his apartment, where we continue to talk on the sofa, until I literally crash. He had to go, so he gave me a key to lock up when G picked me up. So, I go out at about the point where G should be arriving. Mind you, I am still dressed in my dress, holding a plastic crown, and it is 10 in the morning on a Saturday. There are people moving out of the building, including 2 little boys. they proceed to ask me all about prom. How do you explain that you are closer to thirty than twenty, went to a prom the night before, got into a huge arguement with your best friend, were trying to talk it out, you fell asleep and now your husband is picking you up to get your car and hopefully you will be able to cram a nap in before you go to work. Not to mention that you feel like hell bcause someone you cared about and trusted totally let you down. Ummm...yeah...I told them the prom was later that day when they asked why I was already wearing my prom dress. G picked me up and we talked. G was ticked, because he had asked my friend to leave, because he knew I would want to talk, and he knew that the two of us wouldn't accomplish anything. I wish I would have known. Maybe I would have gotten some sleep in some comfy PJs at home. Oh well. I am not sure what is going to happen. I am going to talk to him tomorrow when I return his key (that sounds weird, doesn't it). If nothing else, I think I will need to keep my distance for a while. He has issues I can't deal with, not to mention he took my trust and abused it. What's funny about this, is he was telling me earlier in the week how much it meant to him that he could trust me, because it's hard for him to trust people. HA!, Mr Lyiing McLiesalot.

It makes me wonder why I even talk to other people. My sister's tee-shirt has it right. "The only thing worse than being alone, is being with other people."

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