August 08, 2006

stupid irony.

So G and I signed up oh so long ago to be extras in a local film. Bascially, all the calls were for the same type of people and were being filmed at area bars. Well, one of the scenes was needing "goths." A chance to work on a film and to dress up. So there.

SUnday was the day of the shoot. It was all right, just neither handled very professionally, nor very well organized. I am cool with things being small timey and all, but at least have a semblance of professionalism and organization, and well a dash of professionalism. However, I will say that a portion of that was not their fault, and I did wind up having a fine time.

We arrived two minutes after call time, totally freaking out since we didn't want to be those people. There are a bunch of people hanging out on the sidewalk, with no sign of anyone who could be on the production side of the film. About quarter after someone shows up with talent releases. About half after the director and producer show up. I guess I am used to everything being set up, ready to roll when they are ready for the talent. Anyhow, we were stood up by the person who was supposed to open the location for us, so there was a scramble to find another location so that they wouldn't have to scrap the day. The original location would have been suitable to film the three chunks we needed to do, but without it, we wound up at three different locations. This is where it gets interesting.

Since we were supposed to film the stuff we were doing first, I showed up in the dress, my black and red bob wig, total make-up and super tall boots. They said they could use me in regular clothes for the scene that would be first due to the change, and I had brought them, but it would have been too much work to get out of the gear, change, then to get back into the gear. So, I sat and waited. Eventually we moved over to the next place, where they said they would shoot our stuff. Well, the director tells us suddenly that he found a better location, but we only had half an hour to get what they needed. Everyone starts bustling off...and I ask where we are going.

Club Three Degrees. I thought they were kidding. Nope. (for those of you who don't know, it is not so much a "club" as a "church." They were recently in the news because after someone had filed for all the licensing and permits for their new strip club, CTD decided that they were a church after all. Now, since they are very careful to mask the "Christian" part of their endeavor as to lure unsuspecting club goers into the fold, this didn't go over very well and the strip club shall open.) We head over, and the head guy greets us at the door. I realize very quickly that they made their generous offer of us filming there in hopes of converting us. We get inside the club, and it is very posh, industrial looking. Everything is modern and red and black with brushed silver accents. There is a huge stage with their rock band practicing (I could tolerate some of the music if I tuned out the words). We could tell the family that was already there was freaked out by a bunch of weirdos coming into their space, but guy assures them it's just for a movie. We are told to line up against the bar. This is hilarious. We are staring at a huge placard with a silhouette of a disco shick on it, with the club name. There are other large placards with the drink menu. This includes, smoothies, super sweet smoothies, flavored milk--bubble gum flavor is at the top, and a host of overpriced sodas and coffee drinks. Right-o. I often crave bubble gum flavored milk while at a club. Or church service. Or both. As we are filming, another freaked out looking family enters, and guy gives them the same assurances. We finish our scene (which if it makes it in, G and I are pretty prominent, even with close-ups of our faces!) and gather to leave. Guy is standing on the stairs, doing sort of a backwards walk to try and keep us in. He tells us they are having a barbecue that starts in two minutes, with burgers and brats, and we are welcome to stay. We try to keep moving. He tells us the barbecue will be followed by a short, half-hour service. Still moving. The...wait for it...he says...I kid you not..."Then we'll be baptizing people in the hot tub all night long."

Baptisms. In. A. Hot. Tub. Seriously.

We left giggling. I wondered if, since I have already been baptized, if they will just let me sit in the hot tub.....especially since my baptism was of the pitcher of water and a bowl variety.

As my friend Jen said after I told her the story, "Did you have any idea this was happening in our city?"

Indeed, I did not.

Bonus points to whoever can tell me who said the above quote and what film he was working on when he said it.
G, you can't play.

Posted by raven at August 8, 2006 09:43 PM

I have to say, that is rather amazing. Could have been fun to get a group together in full garb from Ground Zero there!!

Posted by: Dagger at August 8, 2006 10:28 PM
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