August 14, 2006

let's go out to the ki-tchen...

So, a few years ago, G's parents got us a stove for Christmas. Actually, they gave us a picture of a stove, and told us we could pick one out. Well, for whatever reasons, we just got it. It's pretty and stainless steel, and matches our fridge and dishwasher. However, once it was put in, it furthered the necessity of a new kitchen.

See, our current kitchen is not only ugly, it isn't very functional. I also am pretty sure that the guys who finished our condo were drunk, or high, or lazy, or some combination of those. For instance, the wall which houses our fridge and stove has a base cabinet and three wall cabinets. The first wall cabinet is full size and hung over the base cabinet. The second is a short cabinet above the stove. It is not attached to the first cabinet, nor is there anything to hide the gap between the two. It is not hung so that the tops of those two cabinets line up. The third cabinet above the fridge is another shortie and is not attached to the second cabinet, the gap is visible, and it is hung so that it neither lines up with the second cabinet, nor the first. They are all hung just a few inches from the ceiling. Not enough space for storage, or anything, just enough to be annoying. The base cabinets have one shelf each. These shelves are only half as deep as the cupboards, for reasons unbeknownst to me. We have four tiny drawers. They only fit a few things in each, so storage for things like linens is an impossibility. I wound up buying a little wooden cabinet for the purpose. The countertops are formica that is supposed to look like butcher block, but is really just ugly.

Since we want to move, I had thought about just painting the cabinets, and letting the next owners deal with it. But, since I just got a bonus discount at work, and since we have interest-free employee credit, we decided just to go for the gold. We measured, and planned, and ordered new cabinets! They are pretty, and white. Some detail, but not fussy...simple, clean. A GORGEOUS sink. It's beautiful and white, and spacious. A kick ass faucet that the head detaches for a cool showery deal (something I've desperately wanted!), a laminate counter that is like a charcoal grey stone look. It's pretty. It should also look nice with all of our stainless appliances. We also figured out a place for a column of three drawers. A regular drawer, and two deep I will have a place for things like potholders, and towels! We also are putting in this cool pull out dude, where we will be able to keep things like cleaning supplies and garbage bags, and won't have to dig. They will be easily accesible and visible. We will also hang the cabinets up against the ceiling. Crazy, but isn't it so crazy, it just might work???? The cabinets should also fit up against each other, so it will actually look like maybe we planned it that way. Another crazy idea, I know. Ooh...and I got a pot rack. For pots and pans...get your mind out of the gutter!

The cabinets are at the store, so I shall go first thing in the morn and arrange for them to be delivered. G and I are going to pick ot tile for the floor tomorrow. We are going to do the kitchen/entryway, and the hallway. The hallway is easily the highest traffic part of our house, and the carpeting looks crappy there as a result. We thought about doing laminate floors like we did in our living/dining room, but decided that it would look better continuity-wise for us to do tile. Plus the tile is more heavy duty. We will have to rip out the carpet and subfloor in the hallway, and put in new subfloor, due to water damage from our (next to be remodeled) bathroom. I would love to just have tile through our whole house, but in MN that's just not what the masses want, so we will wind up with laminate in the two bedrooms. It's funny, I grew up with hardwood floors in my room. I always wondered why I didn't have carpet like everyone else. Now, that I've lived on my own for a while, and have lived with both...I have grown to despise carpeting. It is basically jsut a breeding ground for dirt and living things. I probably run our home steamer more than I am supposed to, but no matter what (especially with pets) it always seems dirty. However, with a hard floor surface, you sweep or vaccuum, you mop and disinfect, and you are good to go. something spills, you wipe it up and don't panic at how it will come out. I am super amped to rip out yet mroe carpet in our place, and replace it.

Anyhow, I digress. I could actually wet myself, I am so excited. I know it will be a lot of work, but I am looking forward to having a pretty and functional kitchen. Oh, and having a party to celebrate when it's done. The only drawback is using paper plates and plastic cups while we paint and put in the floor, but I can deal with that, 'cause we'll have a new and improved place to wash our dishes and cups when we are all done. Hurrah!!

Posted by raven at August 14, 2006 09:34 PM

That is AWESOME!! Have I mentioned you and G ROCK!

p.s. if you would like assistance with the demo/installation, let me know, I have 3 day weekends and with a notice, can be available!!

Posted by: Dagger at August 14, 2006 10:12 PM

It sounds fabulous. Wish I could be there to see it! Have G send pictures.

Posted by: Nina at August 17, 2006 02:59 PM
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