November 03, 2006

i heard it's cold out

So, last night G and I put on our young and hip costumes and went out to a rock show. Crazy. I know. We sat there trying to think of what the last concert we went to was...we realized that it was probably going to see U2 at Staples Center. A year ago. So very sad. There have been shows in town we wanted to see, however plays and work and The Quest thwarted those attempts.

Anyhow. Placebo and She Wants Revenge at the Fine Line. FIrst time to the Fine Line. It got a thumbs up. Nice size, good atmosphere, competent staff, nice acoustics...good stuff. We arrived later than planned, due to me being lame. I needed a cat nap, as I thought I might pass out on my way home from work. Of course being in a nice warm bed on a (practically) winter's day was not condusive to my getting up and getting dressed and leaving the nice warm house. But I did. I put on my baggy black and red Tripp pants, borrowed G's red fishnet ringer tee, and wore my 8" platform boots. They look the best with the pants. I felt very tall and sort of androgynous. A good feeling, because part of me has longed to be one of those skinny androngynous goth kids, and the rest of me knows that my curviness prevents said skinniness and androgyny.

We arrived, got in, and checked out the souvenier table. Lots of cute girly tees (way more expensive than when I started going to the rock shows)...I had to think before purchasing one with my birthday money. We checked our coats ($2, very reasonable considering it was a concert, and I think the last time we were at the Quest it was five or six). Wait, I checked my coat. G left his on. I had on my motorcycle jacket. No way would I survive the night in that. He had on a track jacket, so he could easily take it off and tie it around his waist circa 1992 grunge style if the need arose. Drinks (reasonably priced, again!) and we were ready to wait for SWR to take the stage. They did, and I realized that the super tall shoes were a wise choice. Me being 6'1" in them made for ideal concert viewing height!! I felt so wise! SWR was good. Very dancey and fun, and full of the retroey-goodness that has made me come to adore them. That and I find the lead singer's voice oddly sexy. However, I was reminded that I hate people. On our left were three guys who apparently didn't care that a concert was going on, or that no one paid $25 (plus exorbitant service fees) to hear them go on about their slippers and bathrobes, and oh wait, I think I heard this song on the radio once. Then they kept trying to expand their conference circle, which I put an end to very quickly. Seriously, could you not do that in the back where no one is actually watching/listening to the show??? It's not like they were up front or anything. I had to count to ten several times to prevent one of my platforms from connecting to one of their crotches. Anyhow the saet was good, I had lots of fun dancing and rocking out, and lipsyncing some of my favorite lyrics to G. (seriously, "these things" makes me smile all over)

Once they left the stage, the crowd started its reconfiguration, and we trotted forward. I decided which shirt I wanted, and G went and purchased it for me (black girly tee, with a Placebo logo on the front, and their tour dates on teh back...I'm a sucker for tour date shirts). I admired it for a bit, then put it in my cargo pocket (didn't wanna be that guy). Placebo took the stage, starting with "infrared." Why are English people so hot? Seriously. Meow. And again, the lead singer's voice, with the sexy. There was more rocking out. More annoying people, including a Haylie Duff lookalike Polly Princess wannabe, who looked mortally offended anytime anyone had the audacity to move anywhere in her vicinity, and a girl who was recording the whole damn thing. Do you need to have your camera up straight in front of me with it's freaking red light on...very distracting. Anyhow, they rocked the house.

Then bam, it was all over. We chilled for a bit, figuring there was no sense in hurrying to go get in a monster line for my coat. We chatted. G wondered why people wear dresses over jeans. I told him it was trendy. He replied that it was stupid. Reason # 567 why I love him. I remembered when we were at the NIN show last year, and these girls started pushing their way up within seconds of NIN starting. Their excuse? The one girl was blind. She had a white cane and everything. It's one of those things that you don't think clearly about at the time because it's annoying. In retrospect, I realized, if she's blind what does it matter where she stands??? She can't see the freaking band anyway!!! G remarked that 18 looks a lot younger than it used to. I replied taht 21 looks a lot younger than it used to. I kept seeing kids with wristbands, and wanted to see their ids personally. Where have our young and hip days gone??

We eventually wandered over to the coat check, and it was decided to get some food. We had thought about some post concert clubbing, but decided our old bones were not up for that. We went to the Uptown Diner, where I consumed some mighty tasty grilled cheese. So very yummy. Then, it was home, where we stumbled into bed and right to sleep.

Fun, but ass kicking.

Posted by raven at November 3, 2006 12:26 PM
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