November 06, 2006

and i dress this way just to keep them at bay

So, my favoritest month of the year has come and gone. Halloween was a week ago already! I was planning on being all muscley and hot, and having a kick ass costume.

However, the vacation, and the kitchen, and the working all conspired against me. G and I went to plan B and wore our costumes from his Tarantino birthday bash. Considering the pain in the ass it was to find some of the stuff for mine, it wasn't such a bad thing.

Friday prior to Halloween, we found out our friends Click and Poorcat were in town. We did get to see them at a little get together (btw, I don't think I properly thanked you two for the kick ass birthday present...thanks, it so, so rocks...and I will get a proper thank you on its way), which was nice. We were also invited to a little Halloween partay on Saturday. WE fully intended on going. However, two factors I failed to consider were the not getting out of work on time, and the time it would take me to draw on G's massive tat. We were so behind, we had to skip the party...we suck. We headed to Ground Zero for the annual Masquerade Ball. This is typically our favorite night at GZ. Something about Halloween combined with a bunch of Goth kids, and there is just amazing energy all around. Something was missing this year. The costumes were lacking to say the least. Usually there are at least a couple of really amazing costumes. This year there were a lot of bagged costumes, and girls wearing underwear and calling it a costume. Unless your costume is "I forgot my pants" this doesn't work. There was a dancer there in black panties and black pasties. My only guess is that she was dressed as a stripper at the end of her shift. Another was wearing a white thong, white thigh highs, pasites, and a short white veil. Apparently she was a bride. Another variation on the theme was black panties, a black bra, black thigh-highs and a black bowler. So, the hat makes it a costume? I was very confused. There were also a lot of people who just wore the same stuff they do every saturday night. Bah to them. I did get some good dancing in, and got hit on the usual amount, so there's that. We did leave a bit before two, as I was developing a monster headache (bah to me). We hit The uptown for some yummies, then home to bed.

Sunday, I had the day off. I originally planned to have my birthday party...but the venue sucked, and canceled the event we were centering around, so we had the festivities earlier in the week, as mentioned in a previous blog. So, we lazed around, and made tentative plans to do a haunted house with Benq and EverylastingWhy. however, when they arrived to said haunted house, it was discovered that the activity was mainly going on outside. Us girls were not dressed for going outside. As evidenced by the following:
santanico and seth.jpg

So, that was ixnayed, and we headed over to Market BBQ for some food, drink and later costumes and karaoke. Normally, Market is not my scene. However, we did have a pretty good time. Of course coming with our good friends who were dressed as the cover of a cheesy romance novel helped. There were some good costumes. A couple was Princess Leia and Han Solo. Frozen in Carbonite. Impressive that. There was Olive Oyl, Popeye and Swee' Pea. Bil and girlfriend were Sonny and Cher (to clarify, he was Cher, she was Sonny). Another good friend was a battered boyfriend. We sang some fun karaoke, there were costume prizes. Fortunately for us, the judges from Ichiban got our costumes, and awarded us 2nd place. That was pretty cool. We of course were beaten out by leia and Han...he was in carbonite for crying out loud!
There was more drinking, and eventually home. And sleep.

Monday was Pirate night at Hard Monday at the Saloon. If I were in charge, it would have been a devil theme. You know, 'cause it's Devil's Night. The night where you put on all black and egg your neighbor's house, or soap his windows, or TP her trees. Or if you are a real badass, you set something on fire. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Seriously, is the night before Halloween called Devil's Night anywhere outside Michigan? It can't be that isolated, can it?
Where was I? Asia? Anyhow, Pirate night. G decide to go for a Dread Pirate Robert thing and wear the basic part of his RenFest gear. I decided to be a bit more wenchy and wear my birthday dress.
Hard Monday Pirate Night.jpg
We arrived just in time to catch a little Goldfrapp (Twist, a personal fave). We spotted The Seamster right away in his radioactive gear. Hard to hold a candle to that. Met some people, ran into more friends (always a delight). Danced a nice chunk. Oh, and there were 2-for-1s for a chunk, too, so we were able to drink on the cheap. Yay! We won a goodie bag, complete with eyepatch.
pirate me.jpg
It was a very enjoyable time. We begged out just a bit before 2, as our asses were kicked, and we both had to work earlie in the morning, and I still had to come up with a work safe costume.
Tuesday, the big day! I wound up wearing my Hogwarts gear. Very few people got it. Most people just thought I was a naughty schoolgirl. Bah. A coworker tried to convince me that I had the energy to go out that night and hit the Zombie dance at GZ. I wanted to. I so, so wanted to. However, I was dead tired. G was also dead tired. We decided to sleep instead. Yeah, we suck. We didn't go out again until concert time on Thursday. Again, where did our youth go?

I guess that's why I had to take my title from a 20+ year-old song.

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