November 11, 2006

Who pulled the plug?

So, I was going to be all badass today, and (finally) get started on the trip recap. However, something was going on with our pages, and that sort of screwed me up. I even had a title and everything. Bah. Now it will have to wait until tomorrow…assuming I can get my ass out of bed before noon.

In other news, I feel better. I don’t know what the heck was wrong with me, but I was back to my (below) normal temperature. I had forgotten my usual temp is lower than “normal” so that also means my fever was a little worse than I thought. My fever went away yesterday, and while I didn’t ache, I was sore and a little weak. I went into work though, because I didn’t want to have to use sick time if I didn’t have to. I could have gotten a flu shot, but declined. After talking it over with my good friend, LaLa, I decided I shouldn’t tempt fate and get a vaccine, considering my tumultuous history with them.

I even managed to get in some DDR today. It’s pretty sad that that is the first “workout” I’ve gotten in since we’ve come back from Europe *cough*six*cough* weeks ago. And I wonder why I have such a fat ass. I was looking at an agency page the other day. At first I was happy because the women listed in my age range look older than I. I never would have pegged them in my age range (or playable age range). However, when I looked at their info, they were definitely in far better shape. If I really want to have a go at this LA thing, I really need to get serious. I’m thinking of looking into a temporary gym membership. Right now, with our house torn apart for the kitchen project, I don’t have room to do a lot of the workouts I would like to. Once the kitchen is done, I will be fine. However, that’s probably close to a month, maybe two that I won’t be able to do a full workout. I hate to put myself that behind. Especially since the kitchen situation also is affecting my diet, as I am limited by what I can prepare. I would love to arrive in LA in fighting form. Not to mention that I don’t enjoy going out dancing nearly as much when I feel like a fat ass. Also not to mention that the images of thin European women are still burned into my retinas, and while I could start the coffee and cigarette diet, I think I will pass. Wow, how did I get here…roundabout way of saying I feel better. Or do I?

Either way, I am definitely going out tonight. I need some good music and dancing to improve my mood. Maybe a Jameson on the rocks as well. Hopefully I can get my tail out of work early enough to get in for free. That would all definitely boost my mood. Maybe I will see some of you out tonight *cough*Kelli and Joel*cough.*

Posted by raven at November 11, 2006 09:13 PM
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