November 13, 2006

for lack of a better post...

Ugh, so very tired. It's 9:30, and I'm thinking I should go to bed. When did I get so old?

G and I were on our way home from rehearsal, and we were stopped at the light in front of Sears by our house. He says to me, "Since Sears and K-Mart are the same company now, they should just combine, and call all their stores S-Mart."
"Shop smart, shop S-Mart, " I reply.
"I wonder why it's called K-Mart."
Without really even thinking, I start talking about how it was Kresge Company, and they changed their name. Though it was unecessary, really, I continued with a bit about how Kresge's used to be like a dime store, and so on. (Yes, I know I am a huge nerd!) I then ask, "bet you didn't think I knew that."
"I didn't know," he replies.
"Right, but I bet you thought I didn't know either."
"You know lots of strange and useless facts."
I then pressed him to cite examples, but all he had was my knowledge of obscure Pulp Fiction trivia, I told him that doesn't count, because there are lots of people with knowledge of obscure Pulp Fiction trivia.

At least there have to be.


Posted by raven at November 13, 2006 09:29 PM

Kresge stores and Kmart are the same company.
Kresge started with five and dimes and added stores with things for less than a dollar. Kresge's stayed the same type of store. When the company wanted to try something new, they added Kmart stores.
The first Kmart store opened in Garden City, Michigan in 1962. Eventually most of the company's profits came from their Kmart stores. The Kresge Company changed it's name to Kmart in 1977.
Sears and Kmart stores have different identities. In the past, when they have gone after the others niche, they have failed, both in attracting the others customers and in keeping their own. It will be interesting to see how this overlapping thing will turn out. Will they succeed in retaining Diehard Sears customers as well as Kmart shoppers? Will they be able to maintain Craftsman quality? They have a diminishing customer base as people are no longer concerned with quality or ethics as evidenced by the rise of the Walmart empire. For the sake of the few of us holdouts, I hope Sears/Kmart makes it, because I will NEVER shop at Walmart. Take a look at that company's history.

Posted by: alliecat at November 14, 2006 09:01 AM

See lady, I was trying not to dork up the post too much. Note I said that they changed their name at one point, and I left out the geusome details.
I'm hoping both stores stick around, because I do like them...and since Target is nearly as evil as Walmart...maybe moreso since they are more insidious, I would like some sort of discount place to shop.

Posted by: Raven at November 14, 2006 05:39 PM
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