November 14, 2006


I thought about posting this

You Are Edward From "Edward Scissorhands."

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and leaving it at that...but that would be lazy.

So, sleepy. I would just crawl into bed right now, but I am waiting for a call from my mom. I talked to my dad earlier for a bit, since it sounded important, and it is...but he wanted me to talk to mom to, which I understand, and I do want to chat with her...I'm just sleepy...and my eyes and head have been grouchy today. I think it has something to do with the amount of time I spent working around scented candles and potpourri today. Some scents I'm fine with, but most just don't get along with me. I guess I should be thankful I didn't spend long enough in that section to get a migraine. Small favors and all.

Rehearsal was okay. A little chaotic with all the kids, but fine. I keep trying to remind myself this is just a show I'm doing for fun. It's a kids show. It's not gonna be award-winning, thought-provoking theatre. I am really trying to be okay with that. I think I really need to do something that is really a challenge. I keep winding up in shows where I'm the experienced one. I'm the one mentioned as an example. I'm teaching those who haven't done a show before, or haven't done many. I'm fine with that, but I really want to be challenged. I want to be the student. I want to feel like I'm in over my head, and to work my ass off. There's sort of an opportunity right now (the odds are slim, really). However, I put off looking at the ads for a day, and when I did, I failed to realize that we are halfway through November, and the dates are/were today and tomorrow. It's Shakespeare, and a director I really respect, and would like to work with. However, I feel like I would be scrambling to get an audition. I also am concerned that it may be a bad time to commit myself to something so daunting, should I be asked. Either way, I need to get involved with some scarier projects. On the bright side...I get to wear my eight-inch platform boots, and am having a costume built just for me. A costume which includes a corset. And, I get to get my hair bleached out mroe, and have blue streaks added. So, that's all good. What I really need to do is sit down and think a bit about what I want from the next six months to a year in terms of my career. Where I want to be in terms of Minnesota theater and film, and where I want to be before I leave for LaLa land. The theater is one of the places I enjoy research and studying and working ridiculously hard...I just need to seek out the opportunities to do so.

Ugh. this blogging every day thing is harder than I thought it would be. I knew that I would write mostly poorly constructed rants and whinings. I just thought that I would catch up more on stuff that I've been procrastinating posting. Instead, I feel so worn out by lif ein general, that instead I find new things to whine about. Maybe in my down time at work tomorrow, I will work on some of what I've been putting off. And lines. I have some lines I should learn...since the children are showing me up a bit in that arena.

Posted by raven at November 14, 2006 09:41 PM

You know there is an amazing theater community in Portland and much closer to me!!
Just a thought.
Now I know why we are such good friends...we both love usless triva!! Hurrah!
I was walking through the park and D said why are some horses rearing and others not...oh he was so sorry he asked for an art history lesson!!
So I overdid my workout last night. I lifted for an hour (legs) and then called D to see what time he could pick me up...well he said he would not get out of the station until 8pm so that left me two hours to kill at the gym. I did way too much cardio ended up passing out and yacking all over myself and the step climber!! It was truly dreadful. I am hoping this is the excuse I need to not ever go back for the shame of it all!! Thoughts?

Posted by: Lala at November 15, 2006 02:26 PM

oh and I am Edward too!! I hate it when it looks like I copied!! sucks!

Posted by: Lala at November 15, 2006 02:30 PM

For a minute, I thought you meant actualy horses in the park..and I was curious as to why some were rearing as well. Then I realized you meant statues, and it all became clear to me. Of course, I often get mixed up on which is which.
Anyhoo...sorry you yacked all over. That sounds like something I would do. I hate admitting that I'm out of shape, and feel like I need to be all badass. Hopefully you didn't injure anything! I think you can go back...I mean, you seriously can't be the first person to pass out there.
Oh, and you being Edward as well just proves how cool we are. We can start our own club.

Posted by: Raven at November 15, 2006 03:31 PM
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