November 16, 2006

i suck

So, I actually wrote a post yesterday at work. I handwrote it, and figured I would type it when I got home. Instead, I took an unintentional nap, and barely woke up in time to go to rehearsal. Boo. Then, I started thinking about it today, and realized I may have already posted about what I wrote, so I shall do some investigation and go from there.

I can't believe next week is already Thanksgiving! Fortunately, we have some really great plans. We are spending the day with good friends. I get to make my famous cranberry sauce, and I will make my vanilla and maple sweet potatoes. The last time I made them, I wound up eating most of them, because there weren't many sweet potato fans in attendance. However, at least one other person seems excited about them this at worst, we shall split them. I am going to have to make my shopping list, and get the oven and stove in order so I can do all the advance work here, and just will have to bake the sweet potatoes there.

With next week being Thanksgiving, it also means I should have my lines down by Monday. It's been harder to learn them, since my sweetie's schedule means no running lines with him before bed. Bah. I will just have to study them on my own. We had pictures tonight. No one knew until we got there. At least I thought to put a couple of barettes in my hair, even if I didn't have any make-up, and my eyes were all puffy. Not crazy about the pictures...but there isn't much to be done about that.

So, I shall look at my previous posts, and either post what I wrote yesterday tomorrow, or I will start from scratch.

Posted by raven at November 16, 2006 10:58 PM
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