December 14, 2006

keepin' it real...short

I was going to post something all long and detailed, either about the trip or another fun story. however, I managed to get something in my eye, and so i think that means I should go to bed.

However, I do have to brag. Now, some of you might be all, "finally! Didn't you start that like during the first Bush administration???" However, i shall rebut with a reminder that I just did a show with 16 performances in 11 days, not counting tech week. Combine that with two jobs and trying to stay reasonably sane, and a lot went on the back burner.

Anyhow, after priming a couple of days ago, I actually painted the hallway. With color!! It's the same color as the living room. This means that as i started painting, i got alarmed all over again, because the color looks more like caution tape yellow when it first goes on, rather than the deep luscious goldenrod we selected at ye olde painte shoppe. I carefully wrapped my paint tray and roller in plastic wrap until morning, because I am sure that I will want to touch up. Thanks to my Dad's school of painting, i am pretty anal about painting, and want the color to be as rich and vibrant and evenly distributed as humanly possible. When I don't do this, I stare at any less-than-perfect spots on the wall, and am compelled to point them out to guests. Happily I did splatter paint on the old craptastic carpeting. That was satisfying.

Oh, and i am very happy that I primed. First off, i had lots of repair spots on the walls. Secondly, I am pretty sure that instead of paint, the walls were actually covered in a very light layer of sponge. The wonderful "paint" they used pretty much sucked that primer right up, hence i used just a bit more than I thought I would. I am pretty sure I will be fine moving into the entry and kitchen, but am slightly nervous both because they used the same high-quality stuff in the least where they bothered to paint. There are several places with raw drywall.

I had hoped to get some "during" photos of the process...but since I didn't wear pants for any of the painting...I thought that would be awkward. Lets face it, the paint i got on my ass was already awkward enough.

Posted by raven at December 14, 2006 10:43 PM
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