December 28, 2006

zuned in

Another holiday come and gone. I hope every one of you had a delightful holiday of your choosing. G and I upheld our three-year-old christmas at home tradition. This tradition involves us wearing PJ's and eating some quick and easy to make delicacy (mac & cheese, spaghetti). This year it was pizza. More specifically, free pizza. I know this isn't part of my cleanse, but I said screw it for a day and ate some pizza. Anyhow, as part of our Christmas eve rounds, we stopped in at our friend Toni's holiday gathering at her grandmother's house. A cousin of hers makes and distributes frozen gourmet pizzas. As with all the family, we were sent home with a couple. This was perfect, as when we went to pick up some food at the grocery store earlier in the day, it was already closed.

So, our plan was to stay in our PJ's (aka, winter pants and tees), in bed, and do everything there. We woke up in the late afternoon to open our gifts.G got some coca-cola paraphernalia, a candle holder, money and gift cards from the fandamnily. From me, he received a Gorillapod. He'd been saying we needed a tripod, and I thought this would be perfect. You can wrap it around things, adjust the legs to be different heights, I even discovered I could stand it on my ass, if I needed to. Sadly, since the camera was on the tripod, we could not capture that moment for your viewing pleasure. Santa brought the kitties some treats, which Lucifer skeptically sniffed and swatted until he lost it and we had to get him another. Eventually it was ingested. Santa brought G some candy, a World of Warcraft Warlock patch, and the Batman handbook. That last item is awesome. If you've ever wanted to be Batman, this book will show you the way.

From the fam, I received a Wizard of Oz ornament (which was perfect, 'cause it was the one that was sold out when I went ornament shopping the next day), a couple of cute shirts, some moola and gift cards, and some jewelry. "The AV Geeks" got me a copy of Dazed and Confused. G said that he always feels like he gets things for me that are really for both of us, and since he doesn't care for this movie, it was definitely for me. Hey, that's fine with me! I shall happily watch it and laugh and laugh. I also reveived a membership to the Linkin Park fan club, complete with fangirl tee-shirt.Then I got to the peculiar package that had been intriguing me since I laid eyes one it. It was a collapsible cardboard box with handle, that G had carefully wrapped. Truly an amazing piece of wrapping there. The card said it was from G and his 'rents. I opened it...there was a Zune!!! Whoooooohoooooo! I shall admit that I rolled my eyes when G first mentioned getting his. However, it is pretty freaking awesome. It won me over in a way the video iPod never could. I was bemoaning the fact that we couldn't really afford to just up and buy me one...and lo and behold, i got it!!! G supplied me with pink marshmallow earbuds (the ones that come with the Zune are way too big for my ears. I can't even get them in) that are pretty rad. They work like earplugs, you compress them, and they expand to fit inside your ears, and block out a lot of extra noise. He also got me a fuschia case for it. It looks a lot like a wallet, in fact it does have a place for me to keep some cards. he took it and got it set up and loaded for me, so I could play with it while he went to work that night. Santa gave me some CDs, which have since been loaded (yay!)

The rest of the day involved eating pizza, eating some cookies, watching The Muppet Christmas Carol and Love Actually...all in bed. Sadly, G had to leave for work around 11...bah! I meanwhile, Zuned myself to sleep.

sleepy with zune.JPG

Posted by raven at December 28, 2006 09:45 PM
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