March 18, 2007

i've got a hunger only tacos can stop.

Eek!! That pretty much sums it up right now. So much on my mind, so much to do. I've been on a manic swing which I wish made me more productive, however, instead it is making my mind jump all over the place. I have two weeks to get a whole lot accomplished, so I really need to focus!

Yesterday was mostly a goof off day. It was good old Saint Patrick's day, which I ordinarily don't celebrate outside some wearing of the green. However, my dear friend Toni talked me into going out bright and early. We met up with her at McGovern's at 11 o'clock. It's frightening how many people were out and bright eyed and bushy tailed and drunk at that hour. I was pretty decked out. I had picked up some little hot shorts that were black with green ribbons laced up on either side. I know I'm chunky, but I still went for it. I wore my green Robin tights with black fishnets over them, my black super tall boots, a black tee with a rhinestone shamrock on it and two shades of green eye makeup. It was pretty cute. G wore my Guinness tee-shirt. We hung around for a bit, then I went off to rehearsal.

Rehearsal was interesting. I'm happy with where I'm at for the second half of the play. Feeling it and what not. However, the first half I am totally struggling. This character is toying with me!! She's a strange woman. I know I will find what I need within me, but I hate going through this awkwardness. It's feeling really false right now, so I need to work extra hard to get past it. We also had a production meeting after, so there was a table full of the the theater company's board members/crew. It was good to get an audience, and I tried to think about how my blocking was reading. I may have overcompensated, but it's what rehearsal is for! The production meeting was good. It was fun to be a part of it, and see what was going on. After rehearsal, I had G take me to Penney's to see if I could find costume stuff. After much wandering around and measuring, I walked out with a bunch of good potential pieces. I felt some serious relief, since it seems like there is not much out there that goes with the picture I have in my head. Tomorrow I will have the ladies try on their things, and we shall see where we are at. Cross your fingers with me that these things work! Then I just need to accessorize them. I'm having them bring a few things to see if they will work. I'm thinking I may make the jewelry pieces I need, unless something awesome and inexpensive pops up. Oh, and I did get a sweater for my character on e-bay that is pretty cool. Well, cool for the character, I don't know if it's so much me. I need to find an appropriate skirt to go with it still, but I am confident something exists out there.

After my exciting shopping trip, we chatted with our lovely friend, the man of many names, and met up with him at the Chatterbox for some drinks and It was fun. I have to say, I'm glad we've become friends. He's a pretty cool guy. Who knew I would make a good friend from going dancing nearly every Saturday night? We hung out for a good while, and parted ways for a bit so he could get amped for the rest of the evening, and we could meet up with friends in Minneapolis. There were more drinks, a bar change, and some interesting peeps. We eventually made our way to our final destination, Ground Zero. I had a pretty fun time, drinking and chatting and meeting new people. We met up with our lovely friend again, along with a friend who we hadn't seen for some time, at least until he accompanied us to 300 the other night. We stayed until we were booted out at the end of the night, and made our way to the Uptown Diner, where I drank some hot water, ate a bit of a caramel roll and fell asleep on my friend's shoulder (sorry man, hope I didn't drool on you). When we arrived home, I crawled right into bed, fully clothed outside of my shoes.

Today I felt like poo, but not in a hangover way. My throat is sore, and I kept going back and forth with freezing and burning up all day. That was not fun.

Oh, and I found out this week that the bestest band evar is headlining the Virgin Festival in Toronto. Can we say ROAD TRIP!!!! The tickets presale Tuesday, and I must get some! I think I will request this to be my 25th birthday present this year! The concert will be before the big birthday, but it would certainly be an amazing present. *sigh* Billy Corgan. I have not seen him live in years. Too many years. I also cannot for the rest of the NA tour to be announced...I would like to see a few shows. In my youth I wanted to be a Pumpkinhead and follow them for a tour and see all the shows. I am seriously considering such an endeavor, though it hardly seems practical now. Especially since there are two other tours coming that I also would like to see: NIN and Tori Amos. I don't know that I would follow them around, but that is still at least two more shows to add to the list and the budget.

Oh Billy.

Posted by raven at March 18, 2007 10:35 PM
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