September 24, 2007

thanks, but no thanks.

So, I finally dove back into auditioning for shows. I took the summer off, which spawned taking the beginning of fall off (every show seemed to conflict with the trip that didn't happen).

Then, I took a costuming job. For a musical (no snickering, please). I am pretty excited about it, and hope that I manage to keep sane through the run.

Then I hit a couple of auditions. One of which, apparently, everyone in the tri-county area auditioned for. I signed up as soon as I heard, and got a slot for twenty after nine in the evening. They had to extend auditions. IT was crazy.

Anyhow. I got a couple of call-backs. Yay, especially considering the turnout. I attended said callbacks...and then waited. And waited.

And got a call.

There didn't seem to be a role that was up my "alleyway." Fine. That show ran at the same time as the show I am costuming. Perhaps the gods way of telling me to chill the hell out.

Then there was waiting. I got a call from a fellow called-back thespian, who hadn't heard anything. Waited some more.
Today came the call.

No dice again. There were just so many people, it wasn't me, I was great.

It's like a break-up. You give it your all, you put your time in, and if you're lucky you get the easy let down. It's the call no one wants to make, and no one wants to receive (special circumstances excluded). It's not you, it's me.

But, like a break-up, I am sure time will prove that everything happens for a reason, and there is something better waiting just around the corner.

Posted by raven at September 24, 2007 08:19 PM
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