October 17, 2007

Ten Thirteen part six

Six long years ago as of the Saturday that just passed, I was doing this:
wedding vows.jpg
wedding walk.jpg
wedding leaves.jpg
wedding infrared.jpg

Yes, I know I was just a pup then. A much more slender pup, at that.

Anyhow, we celebrated nicely on Saturday. We started with breakfast at our usual spot. G presented me with a card. A card with two concert tickets inside. Front row concert tickets for Tori Amos at Northrop Auditorium. I seriously reread them a kajillion times to make sure I was reading "main floor, row 1 seat 1" correctly. Pretty sweet. I felt pretty lame, since my gift was a toy. So I scratched that and went to a new plan.

We ran some errands and did some housework, and got ready to go to dinner. We met our lovely friends Benq and Everlastingwhy at the Melting Pot for some fondue fun. They were way too sweet and gave us a bottle of champagne. Dinner was pretty fantastic. If you have not had the Melting Pot experience, I highly recommend it. They have cheese fondue for an appetizer, and you can pick whatever you want as your entree, veggie, seafood, meat, etc. and a cooking style, (which is oil or broth, available numerous ways) and if you choose, chocolate fondue for dessert. The two ladies (one of which was me) went vegetarian, while the boys had their meat. They have an insane wine list, pages and pages. We settled on the white Pinot Noir and the Vovray. We wanted the $3000 bottle that was at the end of the list, but thought it would be awkward to leave to sell our cars and come back. We ran out of steam before the chocolate course, so we headed over to the Local. (keeping in mind that it takes at least a couple of hours to eat at TMP...you are cooking your food in the fondue and chatting and it is time consuming) We drank lots of whiskey, finally indulged in some whiskey chocolate cake with Irish Moxie ice cream (split four ways), and drank some other Irish beverages. The people watching was (real and) spectacular.

I eventually gave G the second season of the X-files, being our anniversary is Ten Thirteen and all. No we are so not nerds. Okay, maybe we are.

Anyhow, it was a lovely day, and I have a lovely boy. My how time flies!!

Posted by raven at October 17, 2007 04:27 PM
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