December 16, 2007

sassafrass jones and the sonic screwdrivers

So, apparently our band is undergoing a name change. Due to our current name being deemed as "not what we would call classy" by the Xbox gods, and by Mr. Sassafrass Jones himself making the suggestion to work him into the band title (He would be the frontman of our band, but something about him not being able to play the guitar because of the lack of opposable thumbs or some other such nonsense is apparently stopping him), and by our need to appease the nerd gods, G is now at the almighty Xbox to determine if our new name will fit.

In other band news, we are still taking applications for a lead guitar and singer. Again, something about Mr. Jones only having the one vocal capability is hindering him from doing so, so instead he will continue to voice disapproval at all band choices, and run crazily about during gigs.

Beyond Rock Band and housecleaning, we have very little in our lives right now. I would love to say that I have been remiss in posting because I am taking the crafting world by storm, or that I am perusing scripts to decide on my next big project, or that I am up to my eyeballs in dollars and unable to make my way to the computer.

Alas, none of this is true.

Mostly, my ass has been kicked by work, such that flopping in the papasan and sleeping are really all I have energy for on my arrival home. I was in such a state this last Monday, when the phone rang. I managed to stumble my way to the phone and pick it up, hearing G's plaintive voice on the other end of the line. He accidentally left the lights on, and his car wouldn't start. (At least, I choose to believe it was an accident) I drive to his place of business to lend my car for a jump. The car wouldn't start. We sit, we wait, we let the juices flow between our cars, and try again. And again. I tell G he should just load his karaoke gear into my car, go to his gig, and we will figure something out in the morn. We load the gear. We try once more. Not only will his car not start, but mine dies. Boo. We get it started again, and it is suddenly making a not good noise. We head over to put gas in it and such. It dies right in front of the gas station. After multiple attempts, and help from two different people, we push the car as far as the driveway of one of the gas stations. (Bad sign #1: The car refuses to even be pushed) Service station guy comes over to see if we can be jumped. Apparently one of the terminals has come loose, so he fixes that, and tries to jump me. I mean, the car. So, we try, and nothing. So, we put a new battery in, and the care starts and makes a horrible noise. The oil level is checked, the noise continues. Car guy says it sounds like the engine is shot, but they will take a look at it. We make some calls, secure a ride, and leave my beloved Wheezie behind. G took the cal the next day, she needs a new engine. The engine costs more than the car is worth. Thus, we have decided to let her go. I am going to empty her out, and we are looking at the options for donating her.

The sucky part is that we were not in the market for a car. I had just been talking about how reliable she is, and trustworthy and all. We do not have the dollars to shell out for a new car, nor would we really want to. So, I count my blessings that I work with some really awesome people, one of who drives right past my house on the way to work, and thus has offered to drive my sorry butt for a bit, while we figure things out. In my dream world, where we also have a cat farm, I would finally be able to get my Beetle. However, we instead live in the world where it takes me two hours to get to work by bus, so we are looking over our options.

On a brighter note, I finally got the infamous Holiday tree up with its 1200 lights. We didn't take the lights off before puttig it into storage, specifically so that I wouldn't be able to add any lights to it. However, I am eyeballing it, and it clearly needs 50 to 100 lights toward the top, along with some more lights for the sparse spots. G says I have lost my mind. I merely want to have a good looking tree. Is that so wrong?

I could go on and on, but I don't want to overdo. So, I will save some things for other days...and will try desperately to not leave such a gap next time.

Posted by raven at December 16, 2007 01:18 PM
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