April 05, 2008


So, the reference to Saturday as "Caturday" sometimes annoys me. Generally because it has nothing to do with cats, but moreso because it tends to be overused by those in my social circle. However, today was such a Caturday, I can't help but use it. I slept half the day away, did some lounging, looked at sunbeams, basically saw into the inner workings of being a feline. Eventually I was somewhat productive, fortunately. Mostly because my tummy was growling. Much like a cat. So, I bathed, and we got some eats. Since we were out, we picked up an air purifier. With my slow process of Spring cleaning, I seem to be kicking up some nastiness. So, we are starting with one unit, see how we like it and go from there. I managed to get a couple of long talked about, but procrastinated websites up and running (more on that) and am working toward rebuilding one so it can actually be used. Damn, it is turning into a project. (many thanks to G for being awesome and helping with the rebuild!). Now I am all fancy, and G is shaving so we can go out and play!

Now, onto the meat. In trying to get my blogging under control, and to help avoid procrastination, I am labeling days. Hopefully this will help avoid the trap I get into, in which I think about blogging, think about all I've forgotten, then don't because I realize no one wants to read about a decade of activity in one sitting. So, I bring you to Fitness Saturday!! I have been super lax about my general well being. Mainly taking action through whining about my general fatness. So, now that I am more in a habit, I shall start keeping track here. So, here's what I did for the week of March 30-April5th!
Monday- 45 minutes on the elliptical in cross training mode, full body strength (takes about an hour), 15 minutes of stretching
Wednesday- 45 minutes on elliptical in CC mode, full body strength, 15 minutes of stretching
Friday 30 minutes of biking on Cross country setting, full body strength, 15 minutes of stretching
Saturday-nada (in theory I could count the dancing I am to do tonight, but I don't)

I weighed in today at 144.5 (W00T--on my way down!) I am just going to use this as my start weight, since I haven't been actually documenting my weight for some time.

Goals: May 12th-weigh 138. My reward for this will be getting a tattoo of Sabbath on my right thigh.
July 3-Weigh 128 (my final goal!) My reward for this will be getting a tattoo of Mystery on my left thigh, along with being hot.
In a dream world, I would weigh 125, but I don't really know that would be realistic, especially given that I want to be a little muscley.

Next week, my plan is to repeat three days of strength and cardio at the gym, and up the weights on about half my strength (I won't bore you with all the specifics, the list would be long). I am going to spend the off days in April getting my shite together in my personal life and home, so that in May I can start to add additional Cardio on my current off days (things like Rollerblading, DDR, walking/running, etc.)

Eating wise, I am not doing terribly, but I do need to start turning down the white carbs. I do pretty well, but it's hard when mashed potatoes are staring me down in the staff cafe!

Posted by raven at April 5, 2008 10:26 PM
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