April 19, 2008


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One week ago, right about now, I was gussying myself up for Ground Zero's Rubber Ball 2008. G had kindly gifted me this romper off my wishlist for Valentine's day, which I had earmarked for the event. Based on this, I decided to go for an old-timey performer look. Somewhere between tightrope walker and saloon girl. I busted out the curling iron and hairpins, added some plumage, rhinestones and false eyelashes, and voila! I had rehearsal, so I went with myself done up from the neck up, and changed into my ADORABLE romper immediately after. G gussied up as well, and we went out, for the FOURTH Saturday night in a row, and had a pretty swell time.

Some things I would have changed about the event would include having the vendors upstairs/near the rear bar. Whilst I understand wanting to have the wares up front, it was totally in the way of dance floor access. It made for some unpleasant congestion. The "fashion" shows were anticlimactic. Maybe I am too used to the creation of items that are cutting edge, and look like something someone could/would wear, as opposed items looking like fabric remnants were taped onto models bodies. Also, sending out a model who obviously CANNOT walk in heels/platforms just makes me feel sorry for the poor girl, not thinking about how I really want what she is wearing. The two shows were awkward, at best. I love fashion, I love seeing what people create, however, these just made me feel embarrassed for these people. That is not really my idea of fun. Also, while I think the fetish shows are fun, I don't like feeling forced to watch. We went to a club in Cali, that had the right idea. There were stages with shows going on throughout the night, but they didn't cause every other activity to cease. IF it is one huge over the top piece, that is one thing. Otherwise, I want to be able to choose to keep dancing/chatting/whatever, not have everything stop for a show that I may or may not find interesting. I can't imagine that every single person in the room has the exact same tastes, and I think the event should allow for that.

On the positive side, we got to see and hang with some peeps we don't get to see as often as we would like. The people watching was fun, and we got to make a new friend, Morgan, a recent transplant to the area, who seems to be good stuff. I got some dancing in, and to top it all off, I looked awesome. I do not say this lightly, whilst I try to make myself look good when we go out, I usually have some reservations about my look. However, I can say pretty confidently, that I was the prettiest girl in the room. I felt pretty fucking badass. There were some photogs there, and I am hoping I can find the shots that were gleaned of me on the dance floor. Sadly, I forgot to grab the real camera, so the only shots that were grabbed by us, would be the above, on Gs camera phone. Overall, we had a good time, I just wish there was more dancing...the night went too fast!

However, this means the pressure is on. I have to look at least that good for the upcoming Goth Prom. I have a dress...I must accessorize, and determine the overall look I would like to style. Good thing I have a couple of weeks to pull it all together!!

Posted by raven at April 19, 2008 06:55 PM
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