April 22, 2008

happy earth day!

Yesterday, Proptart found this kick ass tutorial on line for making take anywhere shopping bags out of old tank tops! We said this would be a perfect project for earth day. Not only would we be repurposing an existing item and giving it a new life, we would also insure that we would have a bag anytime we were out and about, thus negating the need to use evil plastic shopping bags that will sit and sit and sit, or from buying a reusable bag every time because we forgot ours!

Check out our super fantastic handiwork here.

I was only disappointed that my machine was being grouchy and would randomly decide it didn't want to dig into the fabric. I don't know if it was unhappy out of its home environment or if I over worked it trying to get it to sew through multiple layers of indoor/outdoor fabric. Methinks she is just way overdue for a tune up. I am hoping she will make it through the last of the current project I am working on, as it is a gift, then she will get serviced. I really, really, really love my machine. She is a Singer that is older than I am, which was purchased from a family friend. She has been reliable in the approximately 13 years she's been with me, and I really want to have her forever. I see all the "fancy pants" machines that are available, and they just don't do it for me. I do admit that I also would like a serger, but that's it. For everything else, my lovely singer does the trick!

In other news of the very old kind, I am in love with Austin Scarlet. Yes, I know he's so four years ago, but I only saw Project Runway for the first time this evening, whilst sewing Earth Day bags. Mr. Scarlet is adorable! I could eat him with a spoon, or in the very least keep him as a pet, from whom I would borrow fantastic rhinestone necklaces and ascots. Adorable, I say! Also, I am now addicted to PR. I must see it all. Although, I do not have cable, so I may need to schedule gym visits around when the next season is on, and hit the elliptical for the duration.

Have I mentioned he is ADORABLE?

Posted by raven at April 22, 2008 09:00 PM
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