September 15, 2008

absence makes the heart grow

So, Ive been gone for a bit from this little blog. I've had a lot of work stress of late, and feared posting something Dooce-worthy. Not to mention I've just been a bit worn out, and the effort of writing something intelligible, much less interesting, was just too much.

So, some recaps!

First off, I am drinking Diet Vernors as I type this. IT is pure effervescent deliciousness. My dear G picked me up a pack of 16 ounce bottles whilst he was on his journey to pick up my new (to me) car. I didn't even think to ask him, he just thought of it on his own. Now, I must ration it for I don't know when I will get more!!

Secondly, sorry I didn't finish my Lolla recap. It is just as well, for I would have posted how much I love Rage Against the Machine. I would have then had to retract said love after their recent show at Target Center. I was so angry and disappointed I wrote them a letter, but as I thought all they care about is dollars these days. The last ten years have really worn down their ideals. I also have now blacklisted the Target Center, which is unfortunate as that's where NIN is playing in November. However, they have the most incompetent security and staff I have encountered since the Quest in Minneapolis. At least at the Quest they tried, these people were obviously put out by having to wear a uniform and stand there. I wrote another letter as they were allowing dangerous activity, but again, they don't really seem to care, so they are off my list. Not such a loss because as arenas go, it is a shitty venue. I am a little sad about Rage, as I think they have some catchy tunes, but I have to agree with who I listen they can suck it. (I highly encourage anyone I know to tell them the same) On a brighter note, NIN was AMAZING!!! Even with Trent's sore throat. A girl tried to get me kicked out. Apparently girls aren't allowed to take care of themselves, they are supposed to have guys to do that for them. Whatevs. I am really sick of these girls who apparently have never heard of feminism. Also, if you want to be in the frenzy at the front, you have to be able to handle yourself, and understand that you will get pushed. That's what happens when everyone at the show tries to get in front...DEAL WITH IT.

Thirdly, a Lolla sidenote: I LOVE CHICAGO! I can't wait until we live there...I am trying to be patient, but it's hard. I keep reminding myself we need to try other places first, because we sure won't do it once we are there...but I almost just want to flee for that city right now.

Next, I am down 11 pounds, about 9 of which were pure gross FAT. My abs are looking pretty ripped, and I am working on my fat ass. I am also running...I can do up to 30 minutes without stopping, provided I am feeling well, and don't run right after I wail on my legs with squats, and leg presses, and deadlifts, and all of that. My waist is at 24.5 inches, the smallest it's been since early high school. I am trying to be a healthy eater, but it is hard. The crappy food isn't all that appetizing, but it's usually a lot easier. I am working on not being lazy. So far that mostly involves three days at the gym, and three days running. I have a 5K in two weeks (more on that later) and have decided that after that, I am training for a half marathon. For serious.

Otherwise, my birthday is looming, and I am trying to think of ideas to make this the bestest, awesomest, happiest birthday if you have any input, please let me know.

'Kay, maybe now I am caught up enough to keep up...

Posted by raven at September 15, 2008 05:03 PM
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