October 14, 2008

We survived the Blizzard!

So, we made it home after venturing into the world of geekery known as BlizzCon 2008. It was sort of a perfect storm that brewed, with them scheduling the event on the weekend of our wedding anniversary. Despite the major FAIL on Blizz's part with the ticket onsale, we were still able to go, albeit without the coveted goodie bags that are such a big part of the event.

So, after finding our way to the convention center, and getting our bearings, we had to say hello to our buddy Illidan:

Then we ran into a Night Elf Mohawk:

Then I was transformed into a crazy Orc!

Then G was kickin' back:

Then I had to represent for hot geek chicks everywhere (of which there aren't many!)--please pay special attention to the sweet Horde bag I received from the hubs as an early anniversary pressie:

Then Illidan somehow took over:

He prevented us from getting pictures of the amazing contest winners. Okay, he didn't, the large venue did. However, it turns out if you're willing and able to build a working mechanical turtle mount, you will probably win your very own Frostmourne.

The next day, we learned that Blizz has a rather attractive team (note the hot Frenchman second from right, the hot Brazilian second from left, and the lovely American director at left):

We also found out that Arthas is actually a chick:

Or a hardcore gamer:

And the redhead from The Guild and Dr. Horrible is really THAT adorable:

And one last shot of the female human before departing:

BTW, if you see us on the street, I'm Lily, he's Snugglecakes:

Now, I must come up with an appropriate name for my death knight, and figure out what skills I have that will get me hired at Blizzard.

Posted by raven at October 14, 2008 09:16 PM
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