October 16, 2008

too much stuff

So, I thought that by trying to do one thing at a time, I would solve the issue of being overwhelmed. I'm taking a break from theater, so that I can get my health and home on track (well, the health is an ongoing process that will be a part of anything I am doing, so I can't really cut that out). Right now, it's cleaning house. We're cleaning in part for my annual b-day bash, and in part, because whenever we clean, we only ever seem to clean half of the house. The half that people will see, then close the doors on the rest (where we've stashed everything from the clean half). However, new year...new decade in fact, so I feel like we should be starting clean. I thought that by putting all my art stuff aside (theater, sewing, beading) and focusing on just the house, I wouldn't feel overwhelmed, and would be able to get everything spic and span in the blink of an eye. Then, I could relax and focus on such important issues as building blood elf costumes and creating handcrafted accessories.


I cannot believe how much stuff we have. Seriously. we aren't that old, and our place is not that big. However, after years of just putting things aside for later, we seem to have accumulated a lot of things. Things like grocery bags of papers that need to be filed, and totes of miscellaneous stuff that we don't necessarily need, but have procrastinated taking care of. At one time, I was going to try and garage sale it all off. Now, I just want it gone. So, many loads go to the curb for recycling, and more loads go to Goodwill. I feel so great when I get rid of a load of stuff. Then, I walk back in the house and see that we seem to have the same amount left. How is this possible? Are our possessions breeding?

I come from a line of pack rats. Man, I remember cleaning out my grandparents' house after they were gone. Yes, there were some great things, but there was also a lot of junk and trash. I don't want that to happen to me one day. Hell, I don't want it to happen now! At one point, I managed to break free of the cycle...until I met and married a pack rat. One whose lineage may not have been as long, but whose habits run deep. I am having to retrain myself, and him. I am trying to remember that it's okay for me to have outgrown things. I can let go. Chances are, hanging onto that "collectible" will probably not net me a million dollars. Heck, it will probably not net me ten. Better to let someone else enjoy it.

Unfortunately, cleaning out all the nooks and crannies seems to be taking more time than I expected. We have crammed more into those crannies than I seem to remember. Thus, here I am, overwhelmed. I am trying to take deep breaths, and keep going. Hopefully, by this time Sunday, we will be done. Nay, we have to be done. I need the rest of the week to build two Halloween costumes, and prep for the party of the century. Plus, I have to take G to PetSmart to pick up his anniversary present, and they will need a neat and cozy home.

So, that is off my chest...now I must go back to fighting the good fight. I hope Goodwill is ready for us this weekend!!!

Posted by raven at October 16, 2008 10:14 PM
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