January 03, 2009

onward and upward!!

Since I never got around to sharing my birthday goals, and it is the traditional time for sharing one's aspirations for the new year, and since everything I have been reading/seeing has been pointing me toward getting off my ass and getting my life in gear...here are the things I am going to accomplish this year (in no particular order)

1) Enter CONvergence masquerade 2009 (this includes building at least two costumes for the entry I have planned)
2) Construct amazing Goth Prom dress
3) Get Etsy store up and running
4) Participate in at least one local craft show
5) Finish installing paver walk in the backyard
6) Redo porch pavers and screen in front porch
7) Have enough dollars in my savings account to redo both bathrooms (Main bath will be a a complete demo and remodel--including new studs, the other is mostly cosmetic)
8) Clean out the garage and make into a funtional parking and workspace
9) Run Disney Princess Half Marathon
10) After completion of HM, run 15-20 miles per week
11) Hit goal weight and lower body fat percentage to 18%
12) Take a ballet class (which reminds me, I really should tell the story of ballet class as a child)
13) Take a tap class
14) Do Flickr's 365 days
15) Make at least one post a week in Wardrobe Remix
16) Post at least once a week in each of my blogs
17) Go out dancing at least once a month, preferably twice (Event nights, such as Rubberball or Goth Prom don't count toward this total)
18) Host three non-birthday gatherings at our home
19) Get my three tattoos
20) Have a big honking garage sale to purge all the unnecessary stuff we've accumulated and have whatever didn't sell loaded onto a truck and hauled to charity immediately

There it is...I may add to this later, but those are the main things I need to happen this year. I can do it, because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

Posted by raven at January 3, 2009 02:30 PM
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