January 11, 2009

carousel of progress

How is it only 11 days into the year? With how many things I've been doing, it feels like much farther. I hope that feeling continues, and the year doesn't just fly by as the last few have.

I've actually been making progress on my previously mentioned goals! I am excited about this. I must keep this momentum throughout the year. I don't want any of these to take years, as the running five miles in one shot goal did.

#14: Do Flickr's 365 days. I started today! It was a lame in-the-mirror shot, but I hope that this will force me to learn how to use all the features of our nice camera, and get me in the habit of taking photos. I am hoping that there will be a marked improvement in the photos as the year progresses, and that my fitness habits will show as the year goes on as well.

#15 Make at least one post a week in Wardrobe Remix. I posted two pics today, one with outerwear, and one without. As with the 365, I hope the quality of the photos improves as the year progresses. I am also hopeful that this will help me edit my wardrobe. I will have a gauge of what works and doesn't, as well as what is "me" versus what isn't. I am also hoping that this will keep me creative in my clothing choices. I have always had a love of fashion and textiles...and wearing a uniform to work has somewhat cramped this creativity. I go home and put on lounge clothes. I am often so wiped out at the end of a workday, that I don't care what I am wearing as long as it doesn't smell. That is not the purpose of clothing!! This shall renew my spirit!

#16 Post at least once a week in each of my blogs. Well, I'm here, aren't I? I just posted over at Procraftynation, as well. I have at least the next two posts lined up, which is exciting. I also have at least two more posts lined up here! I may even manage to post about my life while it is relevant! It is such a simple act...I think I can manage it. Also, with my newfangled phone, I can blog while I am out and about. So, I've got no excuses!

#19 Get my three tattoos. I have an appointment scheduled for my first, deposit down and everything! My second is contingent on me reaching my goal weight, so that is in the works. Then, it will be my main one, which I need a little time to set some extra cash aside. I think that #3 (get Etsy store up and running) will be very helpful for the dollars.

#18 Host three non-birthday gatherings at my house. I have a plan for at least one of these. Question: How likely would you be to attend an Academy Awards Party at my house? We have a good sound system, a decent sized telly, a fully stocked bar, and I can make some mean hors d'oeuvres. Please note in the comments if you think you would attend. I do have ideas for others, plus some fab birthday ideas.

Only semi-related: I just loaded over 200 photos on to my Flickr account. I titled, described, and tagged each one, as well as sorting them into relevant sets. I have learned my lesson, and will now load as I go...another reason to stick with 365 and Wardrobe Remix.

I am adding some things to my list, as well:
21) participate in NaNoWriMo. I have an idea...it may be rubbish, but I will not know if I don't try...and what a fantastic excuse!
22) Go to the town where my great-grandparents settled when they arrived from Belgium. (I already have this one in the works. I am so excited!)
23) Keep my uterus empty. For serious.
24) Ski at least two more times in the remainder of the '08/'09 season. Note to self: No migraines or knee twisting allowed!

That's all I've got for now. Stay tuned for my next installment in which I discuss my obsession with all things vampirical, and how I've jumped on some bandwagons recently.

Posted by raven at January 11, 2009 11:20 PM
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