August 01, 2009

funny story

So...Thursday. We were planning to go to Valleyfair, but it was cold and rainy so that was canceled. I thought it would be good to go to the chiropractor after work and get the old neck adjusted and follow up on my neurologist visit. I was rather tired, and a little spacey both because of working my tail off all week and because I'd just started a new med to help ease my headaches and neck pain. We wrapped up at the chiro, and needed dinner. I mentioned I'd been craving a calzone from Old Chicago. G said it wouldn't be a big deal to head over there. yay!

We arrived, sat, ordered, and I really had to pee. I told G I was going to run to ladies. I headed to the restroom, went in, hit the first stall, and sat to do my business. Someone else entered. I heard peeing, and it was not coming from the stall next to mine. I realized I was in the men's room. I waited for the dude to finish, and as soon as I heard the door, I finished up and bolted. I got back to the table and told G I'd just used the men's room. He said, "You know they have signs. With pictures and everything." i replied that I realized such, but somehow, I totally missed this.

I somehow didn't see the sign, or all the urinals I passed to get to the stall. I was on total autopilot, and was on the wrong route. Oops. I still feel a little dirty...and silly. Despite my spaciness, my calzone was delish, and I had enough garlic on my breath to down and vampires in the tri-state area.

Posted by raven at August 1, 2009 09:07 PM
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