November 16, 2009

ridin' high upon a deep depression

Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration. I'm happy in some areas, but feeling a little blue about others. Right now, work is going well. I'm still in Philly, planning a major remodel for work. I kind of wish I had more time for exploring, but I do need to pay the bills, ya know? Luckily I get along well with the people from my location that are here. Plus, most of the people I am working with are great. I expected I would get along well enough with them to work alongside them. I mean, people in my department tend to have things in common, no matter what location they are at. However, I am making some great friends.
Friday night was dinner out, Saturday was shopping until we dropped. Even having just met a couple of the girls I was with, and only having been able to spend time at work with the other, we gelled wonderfully. We even went into a ridiculous formal shop and tried on the weirdest dresses we could find. We laughed and had a wonderful time. Today, we hit a thrift shop after work. The stock was disappointing, but we managed to have a fantastic time.
I kind of think it's funny. I mean, I am getting along better with some of these people better than people I've known for a long time. Unfortunately, they will go back home to their part of the world, and I to mine. After this week, we have three weeks left together, so no more crazy times. I mean, I know I can have some crazy times at home, but I feel like being out here is highlighting how stir crazy I am getting at home. I have been ready to pack up and ship out for a while. Unfortunately, having a house and debt makes it a lot harder to get out of dodge. I am trying to remain optimistic, but it's hard to enjoy the moment when I am ready to move on to new and exciting adventures.
Since the next adventure is further out on the horizon than I might like it to be, I am trying to focus on my dreams, and get them going now.
Two things I have been dreaming about for quite some time are having an accessory business (with the potential to lead to a full clothing line) and becoming a burlesque performer. I started an Etsy shop earlier in the year, participating in a craft show. Unfortunately, sewing isn't the most transportable career. Right now with traveling with the ol' day job, I haven't been able to do much actual sewing. Luckily, I've been poking around some pretty fabulous shops, and have got some great inspiration. I had a few things that I prepped, but those didn't get in my bag...among them my sketchbook. So, I have to settle for sketching on some extra paper and in my planner. As soon as I get home, I will be putting that sketchbook, and my pencils in my bag first thing! I also have some fabrics to research to see if they are something I can even get my fat little fingers on! So, at least I am focusing on that on some level.
I am continuing to work on some burlesque ideas. I think some of my lonely evenings in my hotel room would be well spent practicing choreography. I had to skip this session of classes, and the thought is weighing me down a bit. I am trying to remind myself that this is a good thing. I mean, that is some extra cash I can put towards my performance class in the Spring, and to build costumes. I quite hope that by the time we journey out west, I will be of a caliber to join up with a troupe out there, and run my accessory business. It would be delightful to make my dollars these ways, and have the flexibility to audition like a fiend and see what else awaits me.
Finally, I am continuing on with my running. I am looking forward to two or three half marathons and a full marathon in 2010. Focusing on my fitness allows me the energy and the positivity to follow my dreams. Not to mention a hot body, which is sort of important when I will be showing it off!

Posted by raven at November 16, 2009 08:25 PM
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