May 15, 2010

one down, one hundred to go

I finally crossed something off the old 101 things list! I've been feeling a bit silly, since I haven't been able to cross off anything. However, I did purposefully make the list things that would challenge me in some way. I could have easily done things like, "Do a load of laundry" or "Take out the trash." I wanted a reason to do all the things I put off, or finish the things that I start and leave hanging.

Today, I finished my first porch project. I wanted to get all the pavers redone, which we did about a week ago. Before we put things back on the porch, I also wanted to paint the ceiling. The ceiling is bead board, and was painted a very dark brown. Livable, but very dark. Also, not a color I would have ever chosen. G and I picked some paint last weekend (Spring Breeze by Valspar). I got it prepped easily enough, and got the first coat on. I quickly learned that while bead board is adorable, it is not fun to paint. On top of that it was chilly. So, that first coat took a while to dry. Then, the rains came. I thought about removing the porch from the list and adding "build ark" instead. Finally, it was dry long enough to get the second coat on. I had to patch a couple of weird spots where there had apparently been a couple of tiny knots next to seams, but I did it! We replaced our storage chest and glider rocker today, and I hosed down the welcome mat. As soon as that's dry, that will go back in front of the door. I even scrubbed the front door, and took apart the storm window and screen to fully clean the kitchen window!

So, I got to cross that first thing off of the list. Of course, now that the ceiling looks so nice, I feel like I want to add some crown moulding to finish it off. I am also antsy to get to the screening in point on my list now, just to make the porch extra cute.

On the bright side, I did start dividing and moving my perennials. It's been so chilly, I was holding off. Today it was kind enough to get into the 70s, so I moved my bleeding heart, and divided and moved half of the hostas I wanted to move. They should have been divided out a long time ago, poor guys. Now they should be extra happy. I gave them more breathing room, and put them in a better spot. I am going to give some away, since I have so many, even after moving them. Of course, I still have to do the same to my four kinds of lilies, perennial geranium and chives. I am hoping that by the end of the week, I can cross a second item off the list!

By the time I am done with the list, my house may even be halfway presentable!

Posted by raven at May 15, 2010 08:09 PM
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