May 26, 2010

checking it twice

So, I managed to cross off not ONE, but TWO items on my list! In one night, no less!

Thanks to Heather, I finally checked out Donnie Dirk's Zombie Den! She recently made a little film called Zombie Sweater. Due to conflicts, I missed the first screening. However, this worked out slightly to my advantage as I was able to make this screening, and I got to go to the Den! It was great to see the flick there. Apres Heather's film directorial debut, Planet Terror started rolling. Having not seen that flick in a while, it was nice to be reminded of how delightful I find it. There was a nice crowd there for the screening, I think it worked out nicely for both sides.

I was immediately please by the cocktail menu. All their signature drinks were right on theme, and made of delicious ingredients. It took a moment to decide where to start! I began with a Dark and Stormy, to rate their quality of ginger beer. This got a hearty thumbs up. Nice bite from the ginger beer, and excellent dark rum. I then tried their version of the Corpse Reviver. They hooked my with the final ingredient: Absinthe. This drink was icy cold, and so very smooth. This was one to be careful with! I could see a number of these going down the hatch very easily. I did call it quits there, despite wanting to try a number of other potentially tasty beverages. The only disadvantage that Dirk's has, is it lacks a kitchen. The solution is a bat phone at the back, where patrons can place orders from the nearby Psycho Suzi's Motor lounge. We debated taking advantage of the batphone, but instead decided to just make our way over to Suzi's and see the digs in person. We bid farewell to our hostess, and braved the drizzle to get some Tiki action.

We did discover a couple of advantages to getting our meal in person. First, we saved the delivery charge. Second, we were able to take advantage of happy hour! I had to try one of their famous Tiki cocktails. It took a while to decide on one. I am not a big fan of sweet, fruity drinks. I finally decided on the South Seas grog. It was fine, but not something I could see myself drinking often, if ever. It took me the whole meal and then some (with G's help) to get through the drink. I think for signature cocktails, Dirk's wins, hands down. However, I found the food pretty darn tasty. I had a grilled veggie sandwich with melted goat cheese and a side of tots. G had a happy hour pizza with chicken, garlic, and BBQ sauce. I tried a chicken-free nibble, and found it was pretty tasty. We also succumbed to a basket of cheese curds. All in all, it was nummy, but should we venture back, I think I will stick with one of my old standbys instead of the tiki drink menu. I think a bonus there is that I won't have to wait until I finish the drink to get our check. The tiki inspired serving pieces are cute, but not so much my thing that I want to stuff on in my purse and take off.

So, two Minneapolis hot spots in one night. It's almost like we're cool or something!

Posted by raven at May 26, 2010 09:10 PM
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