March 06, 2011


So, most who know me know that I have a fondness for ravens. The fact that I also have a fondness for Edgar Allan Poe is purely coincidental, but lines up rather nicely. Mainly, ravens make me happy. I find them to be comforting and lucky. Should I see a murder of ravens, I take it as a sign that all is well. Historically, ravens have been seen as creators, destroyers, and tricksters.

A friend recently pointed me to this article. Reading it made it even more clear as to why I find ravens kindred spirits. Like those lovely birds, I have a long memory. Do me wrong, I won't forget. As I said to a friend once, "I rarely forgive, and I never forget." I am fully aware that this goes against all the new-agey, Oprah-approved, forgiveness is divine advice out there. I've tried to forgive and let go, but I really am not wired to do such. Rather, I hope (mostly for my sake) that I don't run into said offender, lest all hell break loose. Wrong a friend, and I will do the same. So, the experts might find my behavior unhealthy, but it sure seems to work for the mighty raven! So this combination of a long memory, and ability to bear a grudge are part of my affinity to the raven. As they night say on an infomercial, "Wait! There's more!"

Like the extraordinary raven, planning is my forte. In fact, my boss said as much to me only a couple of days ago. I can plan like a mo-fo. Further, I can look at a situation or problem and find many solutions. I can Frankenstein together what is at hand to make things happen. If I had feathers, I would surely preen them.

In short, I think I should update my resume this week to list "corvine" under my special skills.

Posted by raven at March 6, 2011 08:26 PM
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