January 04, 2013

a little bit of magick

Still trying to decide what I want my posting pattern to be. I feel like Friday should be something special. I thought about a links page, like some of my faves do, but 99% of the time I get the links from my faves, so I don't really feel like they are original things I am sharing. It could be my squirrel day in honor of Narcky. I thought I might do a squirrel every day at one point, but that's very many squirrels. Maybe a squirrel-a-Friday is doable? I need to simmer on that some more.

For now, I will just post and see where the bender takes me. Relatively recently I discovered the blog ofVeronica Varlow, Danger Dame. She immediately felt like a kindred spirit. She is living the type of life I envision for myself, and she is guiding me to add some things in my life that I know have been missing. Things that would make my grandmother proud. In fact, my grandma-ma may have had a hand in me finding these things, since my discovery of her blog coincided with her introducing what she calls "magic mondays." Ways to believe in and manifest your dreams. My grandmother was a mystical type, and I've always felt the need for that in my life. So, one of the things I am working on right now is creating my circle of seven. I think the visual of a circle of talent and love surrounding me will be immensely helpful as I work toward my desires.

Would you like to see your circle of seven? Veronica does a great outline here. Go on and get inspired in 2013!

Posted by raven at January 4, 2013 07:42 PM
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