January 19, 2013

weekend: to do

Here I am, my two sweet days off. I tend to get overly lazy on weekends. I have a pretty exhausting job, and a lot of the things I do at work are the things I need to do at home (patch and paint, manage cords, occasional sewing, organizing, setting up zones), so when I get home, I am totally over it. Heck, I am even over doing things like folding laundry and cleaning the bathroom. Unfortunately, I married someone who doesn't much care if those things get done. So, he can blissfully ignore those things, while they drive me insane.
What a pickle.
So, I am putting the things that I must do this weekend here, in print. I figure if you can all see what I am supposed to do, and I don't want to disappoint, I will be more likely to accomplish them. I'll come by and cross things off as necessary.
finish two projects to ship
dye skirt
clean bathroom (including that one pesky cupboard I've been ignoring)
put away fabric
finish bedroom (furniture got all moved, now it needs to be tidied)

I could heap on more, but then I would just be sad when I didn't get every. single. thing. done.
Yeah, I know this is totally boring and lame. However, we will start with brunch. That's exciting, right?

Posted by raven at January 19, 2013 12:39 PM
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