January 29, 2004

the road less traveled

And all this time I thought I was well traveled...

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January 28, 2004

Hibbidi Hobbidi Ho

I'm just a blog, I'm only a blog, sitting here on html hill...

So, I was originally thinking to myself, "Self...let's write in this here blog every single day. Maybe twice a day. Heck maybe even...no three times a day is too much..." That was before the procrastinator in me kicked in. The one that found a reason that every thing I was going to blog about was lame, or couldn't think of all the good things I thought about during the day...or was just plain too lazy.

So, let's try again...wheeee...

monday, thanks to my good buddy LaLa, I saw The Big Bounce. Not the best movie I have ever seen, but not bad. It had it's funny moments, and was definitely weird. We thought we knew what was up, but discovered we didn't at all. The main drawback was the editing. It could have been a lot tighter, which would have in turn made it more intriguing and suspenseful. Also, there could have been more Bebe Neuwirth and Gary Sinise, and a lot less of the vapid blonde (Sara Foster). Of course the plot doesn't call for that, so the casting director could have cast someone else. I am intrigued at this point to read the book, and see the original version of the film...of course, when the movie is free, maybe I tend to be a little kinder. Then again, Master and Commander was free, and that is the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. If I could travel back in time to pay to see a different movie instead, I would. Paul Bettany was fantastic, as usual (he is the only part of the movie that deserves an Oscar, yet the only part ovrelooked), but the rest of the movie is crap! The cinematography was dissappointing (the open sea, beautiful ships, and that's all they could come up with??), the editing was painful, the script weak ("the lesser of two weevils"??? Are you kidding?), the plot weak, it was ridiculously predictable...I'd better stop, i am not yet over losing that 138 minutes from my life.

Yesterday was sort of a wash. I worked, then went to my wonderful applied kinesiologist/chiropractor (who just happens to be G's best friend). Last week he did a copper detox on me. It makes one feel sort of fluish afterward as the body expels the metal. This week my body tested for Barium...so another detox. I felt like poo last night. I came home, put on my PJ's, made some pasta (No protein allowed, for some reason related to the detox), and watched Gilmore girls. I wanted to do something, like clean something, but I just couldn't move...not even enough to change the channel. So I watched One Tree Hill. I may have liked it, if only I were a freshman in high school. It seems to be the replacement for Dawson's Creek? (the ? because I've never seen it, I'm assuming it was about a bunch of pretty teenagers) I finally got up enough energy to go to bed...yup, in bed at 9. I could hardly stir this morning. YIKES!

I am well aware that it is winter. Sunday, we celebrated the winter by going to the Ice Palace. The weather would have been fine, except for the wind. That, and silly me, I thought that my tennies would be fine. I should have worn my Columbia boots. I seriously was afraid that I would lose toes. I didn't, but I was worried...anyho, knowing it's winter, having feared for my toes...I was so not prepared when I left the house this morning. I mean I had my hat, my gloves, a turtleneck, a sweater, a winter coat...you get the idea. However, the below zero base temp, and the ridiculously low windchill were a little beyond reason. According to the radio the northern part of the state had a base high of 20 below, and canada was 40 below...yikes! Our high was -1 degree I think...and right now it's about 15 below. I wanted to go medallion hunting, but even in Columbia gear head to toe...a little too chilly, even for 10K. Though, we could really use the money. we could pay off a nice chunk of debt...*sigh*

Speaking of freezing weather...somehow, no matter where I work, I bring along the how shall I say, interesting people. When I was at the video store, there were all the scary people bringing in their toddlers at 11:53 to rent wrestling videos, the drunks that we couldn't get to leave, the guy who stalked me...At the home furnishings store the people who taught their children how to steal...now at the coffee house...we have some interesting ones. At least the guy who says the government implanted a laser in his head, and it's now a giant magnifying glass and that he can control objects and animals with his mind is nice. But htere is a family that comes in, we believe them to be homeless. The woman is obviously pregnant, the two children malnourished, they are always dirty and unkept. They only get one refill drink. They started coming in last summer. In the fall, the older kid said something about them living up north, they stopped coming in for a while, but now they're back. A customer said he was doing some exploring around the area, and found someones things not far from where we are located, like someone was living there, and we always see their car parked at the outskirts of a restaurant lot where there is no residential stuff anywhere around, but right where the belongings were seen. The woman started freaking out at another customer one day, swearing that the customer was taking notes about them, about the kids. I don't feel comfortable elaborating too much, but we are concerned. We have no proof that they are homeless...but even if they aren't, they don't look well. And with the crazy cold weather, we worry.

Whew, a lot for one day...I'd better break for the night.

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January 19, 2004

Pardon my spelling...

All you need is blog, blog...blog is all you need....

You may notice a new spelling in my title today. See, I had G help me set this bad boy up...and I trusted him with the spelling, which turned out to be wrong. I know you've been thinking to yourself that I am a dumbass...and you could even come right out and say it, but for the record, I was not a dumbass in this case.

So, you've hopefully noticed by now that I have strange grammatical structure in this here blog. Since this isn't formal writing, I write in the manner in which I speak. Therefore there will be a whole lot of ellipses. I like them. I also add commas here and there for a little extra flavor. If things get too spicy, sorry, I'm just a spicy kind of gal.

This weekend turned out to be pretty non-productive. I worked on Saturday. It sucked to get up so early, but money is nice. I like having a roof over my head and food in my belly. Then we did Revolutions at the IMAX. It freakin' rocked (ed note: I like to sear. A LOT. I will attempt to curb my language, as I did here, but don't count on it)! I was dissappointed that we had to wait so long to see it there, but it was well worth it. We heard noises we'd never heard in the film before. It was as though we were there. I would say in the Matrix...but there isn't a whole lot of Matrix. We talked to the manager after the show, and apparently our IMAX was slated to receive the film for the actual release. However, all the local multiplexes whined about this, and Warner Brothers gave in, and withheld the movie from the IMAX theatre we went to, despite having a contract. *Boo*hiss*corporations are evil*hiss* I don't really understand. I mean, the medium is still an enthusiast's medium for features. Also, the IMAX has one screen...one. Yes I am sure that one screen will really hurt the tens of screens the multiplexes have. Also, IMAX is much more expensive than the standard multiplex. It's apples and oranges, people! Am I bitter? Always. However, The Prisoner of Azkaban is scheduled to be released simultaneously in IMAX, also, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Polar Express are also scheduled. I am definitely there for the new Harry Potter installment. I am already formulating a fabulous costume to wear, because, yes, I am that geeky. I'm a huge fan of Chris Van Allsburg, And Polar Express is a holiday tradition for me, so I can't wait to see the film. My only reservation is that they could totally bastardize it, much in the way that Jumanji was. Speaking of which, when I get the scanner hooked up again, a picture of Mr. van Allsburg and me will be posted (again, I am that geeky). Finally, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I am already certain that this film will be in-fucking-credible. I liked Willy Wonka, but I am hoping for something more like the book. Besides, Tim Burton was born to make this film. And Johnny Depp will be a fantastic Willy Wonka. Hell, I may go in costume to that one!

So, I am a movie nerd. Ideally. I will actually be involved in films such as these, but for now, I will drool and sigh over the brilliant people that make them.

We ate at Khan's Mongolian Barbeque after the film. First of all, let's just say, I am not their number one fan. I got started on Mongolian BBQs by BD's. They are now a chain, but their food quality is amazing, you get more options, and the guys behind the grill are very talented. Khan's (despite what G says) doesn't hold a candle to BD's. We arrived at the place, it was busy. G put our name in, and we were told it was a 30-45 minute wait. Just in case, we came up with a plan B, and when we called that place, it was a two-and-a-half hour wait, so we stuck around. We waited for 50 minutes. Then the woman gets us, and tells us to hang on. She gets a table ready. She gets another table ready. She then takes us to a different (not bussed) table, before finally taking us to our actual table. We got our included appetizers, and I ate a naughty food :( (but it was good), and ordered drinks. Two of us got tea, G got water, and our friend Wade ordered a riesling. the tea and water came, we went to get our first bowls of food. I had shrimp, as it was the only seafood option (no calamari...or tofu for a veggie bowl)...the other meats were shaved, and every one looked like bacon to me, ugh. They have a few sauces, but no seasoning or spices. We got to the grill, and mine was finished first. Apparently the guy thought I wanted peanuts in my bowl. I had a boatload (there I go being polite again) of them in my food. Thank the gods I am not allergic!! . We ate our first bowls, got seconds, and somehwere in there, Wade's wine showed up. We'd forgotten he'd ordered it. I did nibble on a little dessert...naughty again. The food wasn't bad, but the quality wasn't great. It also made me nervous that they had the extra high chairs and chairs stacked up in front of the emergency exit. I personally was not impressed enough to go back (I wasn't the last time I was there either)...but I have a feeling that it is inevitable.

Well, now I get to make a dent in the mountain of laundry, and keep an eye on our dryer that is still not fixed (at least it has been looked at, just not fixed) to be sure nothing bakes in there.
Wow, I feel domestic.

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January 16, 2004

My name is Raven, and i watch reality television.

All your blog are belong to us.

So as usual, my day off has come and (nearly) gone. Every time friday approaches, I start out with big plans. Today for instance, I was going to finish cleaning out the office, move my sewing machine in there and create a sewing corner, clean the kitchen, and move some furniture in the living room. Instead, I slept in, made some eggs and tea, checked my e-mail watched Days of our Lives and Starting over (don't give me too hard of a time...I only watch them on Fridays...and not every Friday at that). I did manage to load the dishwasher, sweep the kitchen floor and throw the kitchen rugs in the washer. Then my stomach was bugging me, so I lay down in bed, and proceeded to fall asleep. (the bed was so warm...plus there was a cat there) I woke up when GSeven came home from work. However, this did not motivate me. I stayed in bed to watch some Friday night TV, and he brought me some dinner. Such an exciting life. Maybe next
Friday I will get on the ball.

Tomorrow I get to work...but I also get to go to Matrix Revolutions on IMAX. I saw the movie twice the first week it came out, but that's been a while, plus it wasn't on a HUGE screen. I am really excited, except that i can't have any of the fun movie accoutrements. No popcorn, or snocaps...it is my own fault though. nearly two weeks ago, I started this South Beach Diet in hope to lose about 30 pounds. It is a three phase diet, so that one can change his or her diet to be healthy. I only have until Monday on the first phase...but let me tell you it's hard. Mainly because I am a carb-addict. If there was a way to live on bread, and potatoes and cereal...i could happily do it. Unfortunately, that's not healthy. So, for the first two weeks of this thing, no bread. No potatoes. No cereal. AUGH!!! So, I've had eggs of some sort every day for the last ten days. Don't get me wrong, I like eggs...but every day? It's sad that I am looking forward to Tuesday so that I can have some toast, and maybe even some whole grain pasta for dinner. yummmm.

So, I got sucked into watching the Apprentice last week. So, of course I had to watch it last night. I swore I would never get into this whole reality televsion thing. I never saw Survivor (the band or the show), or Who wants to marry a millionaire...ro any of those. Then, I watched The Simple Life . Granted, it was only a few episodes, but oddly, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot. Now it's The Apprentice. I even got G to watch it with me last night...then we discussed it. We don't know any of these people. It doesn't really make a difference to us what happens to Donald Trump's companies. However, we have no problem sitting on the sofa, debating who should be fired, which team had the better plan, who has the talent. What we would do if we were there. I've become 'one of those people.'

But, I can quit anytime.

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January 15, 2004


Hh-okay, so here is my blog. Chillin'
"Dang, that is a sweet blog," you might say...

I couldn't help myself...I will post a link latah so you all know WTF I'm talkin' 'bout.

Some of you may know me already, and if so, you won't really care about what I have to say next. Some of you may not know me, and maybe you will care, maybe you won't, but I'm gonna post it anyway.

First of all, I am amanda, but you can call me Raven. That is what I call myself, and you just might find out why if you keep reading this here blogaliciousness. I was not a geek until I met GSeven However, he opened my eyes to the supreme being we call the computer. It started small, checking my e-mail here and there...then I started surfing the web...then I subscribed to list serves, websites, even message boards. I tried to tell myself I could quit anytime. But, I can't. I got started on the Wedding Channel Message boards. I was planning a wedding, so it made sense. I started a journal. I met some of the people who visited my journal. It all seemed so normal, until, I was married. No wedding to plan, and yet, there I still was. A year after the wedding, there I still was. Eventually, I began to think myself sick somehow, and I quit. Cold Turkey. then the cravings came back. How I longed to post my ramblings. Show off pictures of the cats. Tell about the exctement of my life. Hence, here I am.

On to my current FAQ's

Why etherea? To me it signifies the magic that is all around us. The belief that amazing things can happen. That somewhere out there are faeries and gnomes. It stems from ethereal...but it is what I call the noun version, since it's not a real word.
Why dot org? Because someone out there owns the domain etherea.com. There is nothing there. If you type it into your browser, you get one of those sites offering to sell it to you. But, you can't buy it. Am I annoyed...why yes. If you are going to pay for a domain, either get your keister in gear, and put together a site, or let someone else have it. If I ever get my hands on that elusive dot com, you my faithful readers, will be the first to know.
Why Narcoleptic Squirrel? Because, that was my first website idea. One fine evening, as we were leaving our home, we saw a squirell lying on our patio. The squirrel had reached a state of eternal slumber. I said he must be a narcoleptic, and affectionately called him "Narcky." I wanted to set a webcam up to film him, and that would be the content of narcolepticsquirrel.com. I was told that no one would want to watch a "sleeping" squirrel. So, this here blog is currently in homage to Narcky, who is resting in the soil beneath the neighbors hedge. Rest in Peace, Narcky

I am a Twenty-something gen-xer. As I mentioned, I am married to GSeven , we have three boys, they are 10, 4, and 3. their names are (respectively) Wishbone, Crush, and Ziggie, and they are cats. We have no children, and while we love children (not in a pedophile sort of way), we don't want any right now. So, while other people talk about the cute things their kids do. I talk about how cute my cats are. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. I am an actor, and eventually etherea dot org will be mainly my acting site (in addition to my blog site), and possibly a place to share my accesory designs. I am trying to figure out what I want to do to pay the bills that will allow me to focus on making Acting my career. Right now I am a barista at an independent coffee house (no selling my soul here). It is all right, but making the perfect latte does not use any of my creative skills. And while I like my manager, and many of the customers, and my co-workers (all two of them), I need something else.

So, there's a little about li'l ole me. If you stick around, you'll get to hear the juicy stuff...and there will be lots of juice, trust me....

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