May 28, 2004

Hello hello ello lo

Where is everyone these days? It's been pretty quiet here in cyberland. I know that everyone's not out enjoying the sunshine, because, well, there ain't any.


I think that after sleeping for about a million and ten hours, my headache from yesterday is nearly gone. When I came home from rehearsal on Wednesday, there was a frantic message from the owner of my place of employment. Apparently, every tour guide (except me) was already scheduled to take five busses of students around town. I wasn't scheduled, because I do not like taking school kids on bus tours. Well, another guide was stranded in a far away land, and I was needed to do the tour. It went as all right as two hours on a bus with middle school kids could go, but I arrived back to complete my day at the coffee shop with a beeotch of a headache. I had something to eat and took some Excedrin Migraine, but nothing. So, more than twenty four hours later, I still have said headache. I haven't had a migraine in ages, and I am hoping that this isn't some sort of precursor to all sorts of new migraine adventures.

I will have to just plug through, since I need to get the last of the stuff out of our office room (soon to be office/guest room/sewing and art room), so that we can repair the walls and paint this weekend. Depending on our level of ambition, we may also replace the ceiling in there. This project has been taking months, and I want it to be finished. Not only that, I need it to be finished, since my sis and her kiddos will be visiting and I would like to have a place for them to sleep. That, and I have lots of craft/art/fashion things I want, er, need to work on and need a place to do so. Also, I am antsy to have some before and after pictures, all Trading Spaces style. Yeah, that'll be sweet.

Also on the agenda, I will go sign up for the Y today. With my extra tours these days, I have the money to go for the summer. Even better, my buddy from work will also be my work out buddy. We figure we can go after work, and maybe take a class together as well. By the end of the summer, we should be in true ass-kicking form. Plus, I love the Y. Where else can you go to work out next to senior citizens, and obese people and people who are still wearing spandex and headbands. So low key...except when you are doing your wieght circuit behind an elderly man who lifts twice what you do. That is a little disconcerting. But, again, by the end of summer, I will be able to take him. Grrrrrowwwwlllllll.

So, I guess I should stop procrastinating, have some breakfast er lunch, and get in gear. Have a loverly holiday weekend. The computer will probably be disconnected soon for the project, so I will be MIA for a few days. Ideally, after a monday night of fireworks and wine.

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May 27, 2004

Bamberflambie and Flub's Thursday, spring isn't in the air, and June is around the corner staring at me.

I went from having too much time on my hands that kept dissappearing before I could use it up. Suddenly, I have a plate full of shite, and not enough time. It seems like things should be more evenly paced, but I have yet to find a way to accomplish that. Oh well, I'd rather have too much going on than be bored.

Last night, I wanted a nap, but instead I went to rehearsal. Now, to backtrack, the fact that I am in the show at all is a miracle. I had a seriously crappy audition. I wasn't as prepared as I should have been, and to top it off, totally had a panic attack on the way there, due to the location of the audition. I was surprised to be cast, and was skeptical of the whole shebang. I thought, at first, that the director was going to be one of those way-too-serious directors, all about filling out worksheets and shite. However, he is a ton of fun. So far, this has been a blast to work on. Last night's rehearsal was fun. It helps that in between readings and runs, we chat about bizarre movies, and funny shows, and highly intelligent plants, and that the lead singer from Survivor is now doing real men of genius ads* and that Orson Welles' ** last film was Transformers: The movie. We also went to Houlihan's after rehearsal. I spent way too much, after having 3 bacardi diets and an appetizer (Hey, I wasn't driving). It was fun to chat with the director and his wife. Their anniversary is my birthday, and only two weeks after our anniversary. They obviously have great taste. We capped of the evening by watching the first episode of Chapelle's Show. I laughed my arse off. The first episode contains my favorite skit, the one with the black white supremacist. Good Times.

I am totally pimping the show, so you all had better be at the Bryant Lake Bowl on Tuesday night (that's this tuesday, the 1st).

*I think it's a sign that maybe a new career is in order when your band goes from playing stadiums to company holiday parties. (G was able to see Survivor at his company's party several years ago. )

**A Sconny?? Really????

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May 26, 2004

That's some funny shiaht

I had t bring up the mood a bit in here before I started posting again, all willy-nilly.
So, for your enjoyment, get your groove on or tell this poor cock what to do.

That's all for now kids!

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May 24, 2004

Turn, Turn, Turn

One of my favorite customers came in today, as everyday. However, today, it wasn't her usual work break. She was on her way in to work after a funeral. Not just any funeral, but a funeral for an infant. A baby who only had less than a month on Earth. A few short weeks riddled with complications and pain. She told me about him when he was only a few days old. It was a friend of her daughter's, a fairly young couple having their first child. They had the perfect nursery prepared, and had discussed with friends their child's future. They had ultrasounds and checkups, and everything looked fine. However, mother's intuition set in, and she requested a c-section. The doctor assured her it wasn't necessary. Unfortunately the baby was larger than expected, and there were complications. In a chain reaction of events, this tiny person spent his short life on machines to keep him alive. My only connection to these people was hearing their story...yet, without knowing them, my heart breaks for them. There is this part of me that is angry for them. Part of me that wants to build them a time machine so that they can save their little one. So they can live the days they had envisioned for their family. But the rest of me understands that this all happened for a reason. That tiny person was here for a purpose, and while it is hard to understand it, or fathom something so painful without having experienced it, that purpose still exists. That he has left his mark on the world, the tiny ripple rolling out to touch strangers, like myself.

I could have had an older brother. My mom miscarried two years before I was born. I only had my mother's stories of the experience, and that while the baby was too early for the doctors to tell, she knew it was a boy. From the moment I knew that, I wondered what life would have been like with him. Thought about how we could hang out at school together. How he would protect me from bullies. How we would probably get into fights and wrestle. How when we were older I could ride to school with him, hang out with his friends. My sister and I would still be all girly together, and she would have given him girl advice. Our lives would have been different. Not better or worse, just different. Would my sister and I have the passion for power tools and duct tape? Would we drool over laser levels and power saws? The question that always comes up is: would I even be here? There are just over twelve years separating my sister and I. After waiting ten, my parents would have probably not have kept trying after having a second. I remember my mother telling me once that part of the reason that things happened the way they did, was because they were meant to have me. Of course, my mother tells the story much more eloquently and spiritually, having lived the entire thing. In fact, I think that story has a lot to do with my spirituality today.

I have a feeling that little boy will affect me for some time. If nothing else, to remind me of the purpose of every thing.

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May 21, 2004


Please read Billy Corgan's site.

It is flash, so I forget to check for updates regularly, but if you are anywhere between Chicago and Toronto and have seen her, check it out. Heck, if you are anywhere, and can help...

I guess I am a little freaked out by this sort of thing, as this area has had so many young people dissappear over the last couple of years, and most of them have been found dead. I would love to see this girl found alive.

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Another rainy Friday. I had to drag myself out of bed for some tours. Middle school kids. The first one was okay. I knew I was in trouble a little bit when before I had a chance to open my mouth a girl raises her hand to find out how long this is gonna take. However, it was fine. My second group was fun. I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or creeped out that middle school boys were trying to get my number. No, I did not give it to them.

I have to figure out some sort of appetizer to get ready to take to my friend Candy Cane's Scottish Gala. She is going back there to do some mission work, and is having a get together. I have to mend my plaid pants to wear, as I left my little plaid skirt (which I think is now too big anyway) in MI. I don't know what sort of plaid I will get G into. I did find a lovely site on how to wrap a kilt. I could always Google it again. Mwahahahaah.

I also found out that word on the street is that I shouldn't feel badly about not getting cast. Apparently there is a pre-cast offer on the table. So, I wasted three hours on a Saturday to read for this guy. Seriously, even if he would have left it at me doing my monologue, I wouldn't mind. But I feel it's pretty crappy to waste people's time like that. (Not only mine, but the rest of the people at auditions also) Grrrrr.

Well, I think I am going to go have a fabric orgasm at SR Harris now, then figure out some appetizer fun. Wow, I am exciting. Whoa Nelly.

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May 18, 2004


A little free asssociation for a sunny Tuesday

  1. Playoffs:: Another thing I don't watch
  2. Morris:: Annoying ER intern
  3. Break up:: Cell phone
  4. Eggs:: and bacon
  5. Parker:: Synchronized Swatches
  6. Hardy Boys:: Nancy Drew
  7. Deluxe:: New and improved
  8. Protection:: Trojan man
  9. Girl Scout::mmmm...cookies
  10. Salsa:: Shark

And now I'm ready for a nap

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May 17, 2004

Steal my sunshine...

Gotta love Minnesota. It's spring in these parts, so that must mean storms. Lots of them. I admit I like the sound of thunder, the flash of lightening, the rain tapping the windows. I like curling up in bed with purring furballs.

I don't like getting up from the purring furballs. Especially on a cloudy Monday. Especially when my boss forgot to tell me that I could come in half-an-hour later. Really, I don't mind the clouds, when it's raining. However, today there were just clouds and clouds and clouds. No rain. (cue the dancing bumbebees)

Today was just a sleepy day. I did get an adjustment, and an admonishment. I need to go see this specialist lady to unlock whatever problem my psyche has that is making me sick to my stomach. Literally. I also got acupuncture. It felt good, tingly. Though suddenly I feel as though I am writing some sort of bizarre children's book. A is for the admonishing adjusting accupuncturist. Hey, I never claimed it was a spelling book. And for those readers who know my chiropractor, that is oddly appropriate.

Despite the sleepiness, I did get somewhat domestic. I walked to the co-op up the street for the last ingredients, and made a noodleless lasagna. I managed to set of the smoke alarm while roasting the veggies. Apparently the oven doesn't clean itself, and the gunk will smoke like a hooker on Eight Mile. The old homestead was a little cloudy. Cloudy enough to reintroduce sleepiness. Now that dinner's done, and the smoke has cleared, I don't have the energy to eat.

Oh well, that's why we have a microwave.

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May 16, 2004

Easy like Sunday Morning

Yeah, just like.

The morning started off easy, but has quickly advanced in difficulty. And here I am without a joystick.

Anyway, I had an audition yesterday. 99.44% of the time, I am cool about getting or not getting the role. Y'know, like it would be nice to be in the play, but I wouldn't fret over it if the director saw someone else in the role. The other .66% of the time I have two minds. There are the auditions I go to perfunctorarily. I really don't want to get cast, but feel some sort of obligation. Like the infamous U audition I went on.* Then there are those roles I want so badly that it makes me sick. This might sound like a contradiction in terms, but really it's not. These are the roles I cry over if I don't get them. To date there have been two. One I didn't get, came close enough to taste it a little, but no cigar. I cried like a little baby, and then there was the one that I got, and is to this day my favorite role to date.** Yesterday's audtion was one of those. I want it so, so badly. The director seemed to like me. Enough to tell me nice work on both the monologue I had prepared and the one that he had me read from the show. We talked a bit. I actually felt pretty good about it all. And there weren't a lot of people there, considering the audition craziness I've seen at this perticular theatre. There is one more set of auditions, then maybe callbacks. So, I have to sit and wait. The waiting is the hardest.

*This would be the famous audition for three directors. I perform my monologue. The first director says to me (I kid you not) "Now I want you to go from a rock to a blender. The words don't matter, I just really want to see you become a rock, then become the blender. GO!" After I think to myself, "WTF?!?!?!!?" I comply. The next director says, " Now you are a Victorian lady. Very prim and proper. I want you to say the alphabet." Again, the moment of WTF then compliance. The same director, "Again, you are still the victorian lady, but something is bothering you. Show the distress, but maintain the prim propriety, and say the alphabet. go!" So again, I comply. Finally the third director tells me to act out that I am awakened, something is chasing me across the room, then I get to safety, but I can only utter the word 'no' She also says, "Go!" It was the most ridiculous piece of ricockulousness ever. Especially for me to audition only to say I audtioned for University theatre. Thank the gods I wasn't cast. Of course, the directors could have asked all that purely to see me make an ass out of myself.

** This would be the role where I got to act with a complete asshole. I often left rehearsals with massive bruises. Despite being talked to by the director and AD, he would get better then beat the crap out of me. OUr closing show he lost so much control he nearly killed me. Literally. I should have left the stage, but after trying to keep myself from getting killed or maimed by him, there wasn't any spare brain function left. Needless to say, he was blacklisted from that theatre.
Despite all that, still my favorite production.

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May 10, 2004


I saw what I think culd be the best quote ever in the paper.

"Stupid irony." Brad Pitt on injuring his Achilles tendon while filming Troy.

I am glad that someone finds the time to print these things, because I don't hang around these people to find these gems. Although, I need to start paying attention to the things that the people around me say. The way they talk, I am sure there are some gems that are at least near in brilliance, if not equal.

I talked to my NEW BOSS today. Can you tell I am excited? I have my start date and department and everything. It will be such a kick ass job. Mainly because of the cool people I get to work with and the cool merchandise, and the KICK ASS benefits. I think that will help our situation immensely. It is nice to have all that shite straightened far as the job is concerned, that is. I am antsy to find out when I qualify for the new insurance. I want to have my meds looked at and start up with my group again...however, since we are still fighting for mental health parity, our current insurance doesn't cover it. Grrrr....although maybe all the e-mails/letters/faxes I send to my senators/congressperson will do some good.

Anyway...I was so excited about saving that dollar fifty on Saturday, I missed a whole bunch of other stuff!

I met Mark Dayton on Saturday. I've seen him at plenty of events, but haven't had a chance to talk to him. I got to tell him how much I appreciated all the work he is doing, and that his speech at the CD4 convention was fantastic. He is such a nice guy. Very caring, very hardworking. He also appreciated G's bumper sticker and invited us to his big party after the convention in Duluth. I've heard about his parties, and I would love to go. But I have to work. And since I already know where the money I will make is going, and it should be a nice fat chunk...I should work instead of shelling out for a trip. Anyway, back on track...Mark Dayton is supercool.

On the other end of the spectrum, I had to listen to a lot of ass-talking (by this I mean talking out of one's butt, not a talking donkey. But if anyone finds a talking donkey...let me know.) Gotta love people who make completely uninformed statements and will not listen to fact or reason. Oh well, as someone said in response to one of the ass-talkers, "It is not my job to changer minds. It is my job to establish relationships." Fecking brilliant.

Oh, and I am <sarcasm> happy </sarcasm> to know that boys in SUVs still find me attractive. As I was pumping my cheap gas, some boys honked and yelled "hey baby!" to me. <sarcasm>Oh yeah. Gets me hot. </sarcasm>

Sunday we brunched. It was decent. Sadly, no omelets to order (always my favorite) but there was yummy dessert...and the coffee wasn't bad for restaurant coffee. Got caught up with everyone. Well, mostly I found out that G's grandparents sold their house. I didn't even know it was on the market! They are moving at the end of June...which I know will be approaching quickly. It cracks me up....they are already after us about visiting. That's a bridge we can cross later.

Then of course came the illustrious storms. I didn't know how bad they were until this morning. Luckily, no damage in our hood. However, being the whack job that I am...I had visions of my car smashed under a tree, and was coming up with several back-up plans. But, my car was fine. However, work was freaking slammed because people wanted dcoffee, and lots of it, and most weren't able to make it at work/home/wherever due to lack of electricity.

This is the point where I was going to rant...but I am out of energy. Must. Get. Food. Feeling. Weak. I am also trying to figure out if I have enought time to make it to the library to pick of some necessary reads. Gotta love libraries. Whoever invented them rocks. And I'm not just saying that because I am the daughter of a librarian. They really do rock.

And on that note, a bumper sticker that I have been jonesin' for for some time:
Live simply, so others may simply live.

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May 09, 2004

Save ME

First of all, i have to point out that it is freakishly dark at only 5:49pm, due to some seerious (at first that was just a typo, but i realize it seems appropriate) water coming from the sky. I can even hear it, but it doesn't sound like normal rain, it sounds, well, weird.

Now, on to my point...or the beginning of my point...or maybe it's not a point at all...

Does anyone remember Karyn? If you have never heard of her, she was the girl who was seriously in debt and started a website for people to give her money to get out of debt (she put money toward her debt also, and sold a bunch of her stuff to help). Her thought being, if people wanted to help her, cool, if not, cool. She gave people the choice, rather than filing for bankruptcy and forcing people to pay for her debt. I, for one, thought it was bloody brilliant. I was only pissed, because I didn't come up with the idea myself. Others, however, were infuriated by her audacity. One would have thought she was holding a loaded revolver to their heads and demanding they pay her bills.

I digress. My point for bringing up Ms. Karyn, is that she had a feature entitled, "the daily buck." It was here that she would detail a way in which she saved some money that day. Since discovering it so many moons ago, I often think to myself, "if I were Karen, that would definitely be a daily buck!'

Yesterday, I had one of those moments. As I am sure you are aware, gas is ex-pens-ive. Around here, it's been $1.959 for a while, for basic unleaded. My car, being picky, needs midgrade. Well, I had to go out to Stillwater to cover yesterday. Fleet Farm's gas station has midgrade for the price of unleaded. Not only that, but it was only $1.859! I saved over a buck fifty! Of course, when I went in to pay, I discovered that I had $5 more than I thought, so I could have saved more...but alas. I be happy that I saved that buck-fifty. Because I be po and all.

And for the record, when one be doesn't feel nice to have people conspicuously consume to one. As in flashing their new toys and talking about their massive income and how much they want to buy. Then again, maybe that's cuz I just don't really care about how much people make, or what they buy, or how much....unless there is some sort of huge sale going on, or a secret bargain palace that I need to hit. Then, I care.

Also, according to the MIL, a tentative date has been set for our sale. I am hoping I make a decent amount selling our stuff. My bank account would be v. happy about that.

happy mother's day!

Need to waste some time??

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May 06, 2004


I am about to watch a brand-spanking new episode of Friends for the last time. Ever. This makes me sad. I find myself tearing up at every ad I see for it (of course this is in part due to the fabulous Evanescence song that is featured).

I fully realize that it's just a television show. I also realize that I am abnormally attached to these people...these fictional characters. I care for them a great deal more than is natural by any stretch of the imagination.

In my imaginary land, where everyone has their dream job, and everyone has exactly what they need, and no one is without...this is what my life would be like. This abnormally close group of people, into whose home I could walk in at any time, and know that someone would be waiting to hang, or help me out. Knowing that there would always be someone to go to the movies, or eat dinner with, or watch TV with.

I will miss that darn show...and will have to get a real life now. Dangnammit!

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May 05, 2004


Oy. I keep planning to sit down and write in this thing, but just haven't been able to get my blog on. The last week and a few days have been just a little hectic, and while I've certainly had things to blog about, I just haven't been in that place. now, it's been a while, and I don't know whether I should just come back like I haven't been gone, or do I explain myself. I'm all self-conscious and whatnot.


I suppose this will be the flashback episode of NS.

Miss Informed The excitement began on Tuesday. Some kids, despite reading a sign that explained that by going into the caves they were probably signing their death sentence, went into said caves, and somehow everyone was surprised that three out of the five of them died. For me, and my coworkers, the real excitement started Wednesday. Apparently fact-checkers don't exist anymore, because the media (meaning all the local stations and papers) were using the name of the business I work for, as opposed to a generic name, or the correct name for the caves where it happened. So, we had to field calls from clients who were concerned about their events and tours, and explain to them that no, our establishment had nothing to do with the unfortunate incident, and that indeed our facilites are safe. We also had to deal with people coming to visit the site and redirect them to where to leave their flowers, explaining to the teens that somehow still thought that cave exploration was a good idea, that no it isn't, and answer questions from our customers. For the owners it meant calling the media to get things corrected and doing interviews.

A full week later, we are still getting questions, though it has calmed down considerably.

You're hired

I got the job! yay! Someone from HR will contact me with my start date, once they are further through the construction process. V.V. happy about that one...great benefits, great product, nice discount...should be fun.

I am also starting tours again for the place I currently work for. I need the extra cash more than anything, so I am learning lots of new stuff, and relearning old stuff. Not so much looking forward to it.

I also got cast in a show from those auditions last week. I had talked myself into rejection on all fronts, but things looked up, and I have a new job, and a role. Not bad.


then the weekend hit. I brought that on myself, seeing two plays, a film (on the big screen, no less), and spending an entrie day scrapbooking. It was all worth not being able to get out of bed on Monday. Especially since I got to see some peeps I haven't seen in a long time, and hang with some friends.

And now, this...

So here I am on hump day. I found out over the weekend that my adorable nephew has a broken leg. Gjust made me visit the cutest black persian mix kitty (named Lucifer) that part of me wants to bring home, and part of me thinks would be a v.v. bad idea. And, I have lost 21 pounds (despite some questionable eating know things that creep in, like chips, fried chicken...), and have one more pair of jeans I can wear.

I think we are up to speed.

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